All about a better life! Bali is all set to launch the much anticipated Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival.

Set to take place on the gorgeous island of Bali, the five day festival is said to be one of the key festivals to watch out for thanks to their all star line-up of speakers, innovators, artists and musicians. With an estimated 1000 people attending, this festival is just one of the leading initiatives of the newly established ‘micro- festivals’ market. Aiming to create inspiration and shape a better future for humanity, the festival will be providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

Creating a perfect blend between new and old, the festival will feature new technology alongside traditional knowledge and expertise from a specially selected panel of Wisdom Keepers. Representatives from Bali, Canada, Mexico, North America and Columbia will be sharing and exchanging ideas and knowledge through talks, healings and ceremony; through the course of the entire festival.

Credits: Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival

With a fresh and exciting range of activities, talks, workshops, music and performers from across the world, the programme has a lot of opportunities in store for us.

Featuring an educational part of the gathering will be, The Symposium, a major part of the festival. Along with talks, panel discussion and films, the founder of New Earth Nation Sacha Stone as well as Michael Tellinger and Dan Winter, will be holding workshops that represent a diversity of disciplines.

In addition to the talks, the event will also feature a range of energetic and practical activities such as healing workshops from renowned healers, yoga, tai chi and meditation. After a day of hectic activities, the audience can enjoy an evening filled with music, dance and performances curated by none other than David Block.

Hosted at New Earth Haven in Balithe venue is the most ideal place for both transformation and exploration! The location is also a short drive away from Ubud, in the tranquil village of Keliki. Surrounded by natural forests, waterfalls and wildlife, one couldn’t ask for a better venue!

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