The ASOT 700 celebrations have almost arrived at our doorstep, and the excitement around the festival’s debut in India is almost palpable. The Sherp has assembled a list of tips that will help you through the night at the ASOT festival in Mumbai this June.

asot inside


1. Stay hydrated 


Drink plenty of water. A State Of Trance will cut you no slack when it comes to dropping thumping melodies. Bask in the goodness of a trance gig by keeping yourself physically capable of doing so.


2. Loosen up 

limber up

The musical marathon is going to be a true test of grit, so make sure your limbs are ready to keep up with the good vibes in your head. Limber up before the festival begins and it may help ease the body ache you’re going to go through the next day.


3. Carry a pair of earplugs 


Trance music’s high tempo is going to take a toll on your ear drums at some point. Carry good quality earplugs so you can last the night without feeling like Frankie Wilde the next day.


4. Find a convenient spot

Master this, and it will shape the rest of your night perfectly. Try coming in early so you can pick a cornered spot where you can watch everything without having to take a lift on your friend’s shoulder. Your friend may be sweet and willing, but shoulder surfing really takes a toll, even though he may not admit it.


5. Clear your vocal chords 

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There’s going to be plenty of singing involved. Bring out your inner Emma Hewitt and give those trance vocals a healthy go because everyone’s going to be doing the same.


6. Perfect this pose



7. Don’t dress to impress 

130525.MST.Sasquatch Music Festival

You don’t want to be caught up in an annoying attire when you want to swing your arms around and stomp away to glory. Dig out some of your more comfortable getups from your closet for the 6 hour festival.


8. Know your artists 

Business man listening to music at work

Try spending the hours leading up to the festival tuned into some of the previous ASOT editions so you can get a hang for what’s in store for you later in the evening.


9. Carry your portable charger



While you’re busy uploading your SnapChat stories and Instagram videos, you might want to carry one just in case you run out of juice.


10. Forget about everything else 

lose yourself

Trance music is all about letting go of everything else on your mind and this night is dedicated to the trance contingent who have been waiting for ASOT to return to India. Don’t miss out on this evening dedicated to pure trance.