There seem to be more and more music festivals popping up every year. Some quickly establish themselves on the annual circuit, while others – including the notorious Fyre Festival featured in a recent Netflix documentary – simply fizzle out. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which event to go to. And with so many artists appearing at each event, it can also be hard deciding who to see. When two of your favourite artists are scheduled at the same time, who do you pick?

Choosing a festival

That’s why there are some key factors to consider when making plans for upcoming festivals. Which festival has the highest number of acts that you want to see? How many of your favourites artists are scheduled at the same time? Do you want to go to a festival home or abroad? Do you want to go to an indoor or outdoor festival? And which of those events are the most financially viable for you?

Tools to help you

You can create your own list of pros and cons for each festival, comparing the number of acts you want to see and the price of tickets and travel, for example. To make your decision-making process even easier, you could use online comparison tools. These tools have become popular across many industries, and for good reason. These range from insurance services, to home appliances, and even to online entertainment. For example, the iGaming industry has comparison websites which analyse the benefits of different sites, their bonus offers, such as best free spins no wagering slots, their payment methods, and their customer reviews. This allows users to select the site that fits them best, once they’ve decided on their personal priorities.

Now, there are plenty of sites where you can compare festival ticket prices online. These list ticket prices, booking fees, and camping prices side by side. There are also online directories for free events if you are trying to keep your budget to a minimum. You can then read hundreds of reviews from credible festival goers to help you make an informed choice between your favourites. You might decide that one festival is worth paying a little extra for because it has more of the music you like.

Bucket list events

You may also have several festivals on your to do list. If you have always wanted to go to the Paredes de Coura Festival in Portugal or Primavera Sound in Spain, you might want to wait for a year when your favourite bands are scheduled. Or you might just want to go for the atmosphere and scenery. Sometimes a festival is as much about the experience, as it is about the line-up. Which one will you choose next?