Some people would say that a sportsbook is a place where they can relax, enjoy their game. A place where a wager is safe, the company is trustworthy and offers the best odds for you. But now, as we head towards brighter days following the pandemic, the online sportsbook sites are experiencing a boom as people took to the internet to enjoy their favorite pastime.

The rise in online sportsbook participation has been noticed by governments across the world, too. Senior officials in Japan are looking to spread beyond traditional casinos and horse racing options to introduce football and baseball by 2024. In the US, laws are relaxing too, and the numbers of people taking advantage of online sportsbooks are rising rapidly, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, in Great Britain, the convenience of the smartphone is prevalent with players as only one in five people are now taking to the more traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbook locations.

So, with the rise of sportsbook players looking to take things online, how do you choose the right one for you? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you make an informed choice.


Most sportsbook sites will require some personal information – but don’t worry, this is normal. You’ll likely have to input some sensitive information, which includes bank details. But, if you’re on a reputable app, you’ll be able to check the safety certification within it to ease any worries you may have.

Odds and games available

The odds vary on sportsbooks, so it depends on what sort of bet you want to place. Some prefer to play the simple game with single placements, while others prefer the 10-team parlay-type wagers. Take a look within the apps to see what is on offer and if it matches your requirements. Similarly, this goes for the sports that the app covers; some may have additional casino features, and that’s your thing it may mean that’s a better all-around choice.

Additional features

Extra features can add an alternative angle to the experience. The Ladbrokes Sports App on Google Play is one that has additional features to make the sportsbook interesting, such as an odds boost. This offer allows players to instantly raise the odds of one pre-event wager per day. Others may have enhanced odds already for certain sports events, others have sign-up bonuses or loyalty bonuses after you’ve placed a certain number of wagers.

Methods for depositing funds

There are more methods now of transferring funds to and from your accounts, with some sportsbooks even adopting the use of cryptocurrencies as a way of funding play as Sportico reported a rise in players utilizing blockchain technology. But along with the traditional bank transfers, credit and debit card deposits, there are also many other payment options such as PayPal or Skrill, which sportsbook operators utilize.

Customer service

Good customer service is vital; after all if you have a good day with the sportsbook, you may well find quite a large balance in your account and need to speak to someone. But of course, you shouldn’t wait until that happens. One option is to head to the customer service section of the sportsbook and ask a few questions before you begin to play. That way, you’ll know how responsive they are.

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