Welcome to summer, which is alternatively the vacation season. It is time to go on that trip you have been planning for months. But keep in mind that things can go south if you do not plan properly. We spend so much time imagining and fantasizing about our vacation that we forget to expect the unexpected. Many unexpected things can happen that will take away your enjoyment and add stress.

A trip must give you wonderful memories, not mental and physical fatigue. A survey shows that 62% of the respondents experienced higher levels of stress while they were vacationing. People are most excited and happy when they are planning for a vacation than during or after the vacation.

To ensure you counter less stress and enjoy more, here are six tips for your coming trip.

  1. Define Your Motive

To enjoy your vacation, you need an environment that fits your personality. Everyone’s idea of relaxing is different. Some people prefer going to open places like the beach to have fun, and others feel calm between mountains. Ask yourself, what is your motive behind the vacation? Do you want an active, fun-filled getaway, or are you vacationing to have some free time for yourself away from the world? Choose your travel destination wisely.

After deciding your destination, book a place there before you leave so that you don’t have to face any difficulties upon your arrival. It must also be according to your preference, whether you want to stay somewhere peaceful, fancy, or closer to a specific landmark, etc. For example, if you plan to travel to the smoky mountains, you can book a cabin in Gatlinburg. You can even find options for Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool, giving you the element of fun and relaxation without even leaving your cabin.

  • Leave Office Work Behind

Many times managers, business owners, or employees get worried about their work piling up in their absence. They feel they will be out of touch with sudden developments at work. This makes them merge work with holidays; this is a total buzz kill. The whole point is to relax and have time for your family or yourself. Checking up on work emails, catching up with online meetings, and taking work-related calls will only ruin the mood.

Not only that, you will be even more stressed since you will feel less in control now that you are away from your office or workstation. Especially if you go for a vacation somewhere foreign, the different time zones will negatively influence your communication and management. Plan your vacation ahead of time and schedule it during the days when crucial meetings or activities other than regular ones are not anticipated.

  • Plan Ahead

Before going somewhere, search about it online. Gather as much information about the place as possible. Find out famous sights, museums, shops, and restaurants, to visit there. Search for fun activities happening in that place during your expected visiting days, like festivals, events, interesting local traditions, etc. This way, you will be able to make a perfect list of places you want to go to, foods you want to eat, and things you want to do.

Planning will save up a lot of your time, and you won’t get stressed. Going to a new place with no information can make you feel tense, and you will get confused about what to do and what not to do. Planning means you know what to expect. You can download offline maps for places you want to visit, translation apps, etc.

  • Pack Smartly

We can’t stress enough how important it is to pack wisely for your vacation. To begin with, make a list of all the things you will need. Start doing this a few days ahead of packing, not on the exact day, so you can add things to the list as they come to your mind. Try to only take the necessary things, do not overpack. It will only cause stress when your luggage is overweight at the airport. Pack according to the weather condition of your travel destination. Plan each day’s outfit and pack according to it. Put medication and toiletries in the easily accessible sections of the bags.

Another key tip is to not pack similar items in one bag. If you put all your money in one bag and your luggage gets lost, there is no need to explain how terrifying that would be. Keep money, credit cards, and important stuff in different bags so you still have a backup if you lose one.

  • Stay Offline

The best way to enjoy your vacation is to stay away from social media. Trust us; you do not need to ‘do it for the gram.’ Don’t post your pictures while vacationing. According to a study, self-presentational concern increases after posting photos, so if you do so during vacation, you will not enjoy yourself. Instead, you will focus on how you look to others.

Of course, you want to take pictures to make everything memorable, but taking a few pictures will do instead of taking a million pictures. A study reported that taking more pictures leads to less enjoyment, as we unknowingly distract ourselves from relaxing by appreciating the beauty of a thing and focusing all energy on pictures.

  • Don’t Get Stressed

It is easier said than done, but it is helpful when you realize stressing out won’t solve a problem. Prepare yourself for unexpected things like flight delays, missing a bus, forgetting something important back home, harsh weather, falling sick, etc. These things are not under your control. Try not to sweat it out and go with the flow.

You might meet unexpected situations or people, but remember that’s all part of the adventure. After some time, you will remember such random moments more vividly than your whole vacation and laugh it off. Accept any unexpected situation and try to find a positive element in it; even if you can’t, you still might have a funny story to tell in the future. These six tips will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You need to take each step strategically, from planning to packing to staying. Do not stress yourself out when something does not go as planned. Things might take an unexpected turn, but you can tackle this by proper planning, accepting unexpected events, and living in the mom