Kyurem is a beast of a Pokemon straight out of the 5th generation of Pokemon. It has one of the best designs in all of Pokemon and looks menacing. Kyurem has one of the most unique typings in the game, Dragon/Ice, and this makes defeating him really hard for some players. Kyurem also has two other versions, which are white and black, but they are totally different, so let’s focus on Kyurem!

Best Kyurem counters!

Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon and his best move is Dragon Breathe and Draco Meteor. Though Kyurem is really thought to beat, he has some serious weaknesses in Fighting, Rock, Steel, Dragon, and Fairy moves. So if you pull up to a raid battle with any of the above-mentioned moves and you’ll be good.


The best Pokemon to take to a raid battle where Kyurem is available should have the moves that are strong against him, so Kyurem’s counter is Zacian (Crowned Sword), Kyurem (Black), Palkia, Rayquaza, Salamence. Lucario, Dialga, and Meta gross.

Kyurem can have a max HP of 205 which is just nuts, so if you’re getting a chance to catch this beast you have to do it. The Pokemon is overpowered and you can wipe an entire team with it.

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