New York City has many different events and festivals on throughout the year. From the Tribeca Film Festival, to the St Patrick’s Day Parade, there will be something for everyone. There are a few different ways for you to attend these festivals, but the most cost-effective method is likely with a bus. This may seem daunting, but there’s plenty to enjoy with a bus trip. Utilized properly, this mode of transport can be a great opportunity for each passenger.

Depending on where your festival is located in NYC, and where you’re traveling from, the bus may be the best way to reach the festival. Some people may not like the option of a bus due to pre-conceived ideas on what the journey would be like, such as overcrowding. There can also be assumptions around class and status and presumptions about being bored on longer trips. All of these verdicts are outlandish and should be debunked immediately.

Moreover, public transport endured a slow recovery post-pandemic, so, more people must become accustomed to getting around this way once more. Even the longer trips are worthwhile, especially if you’re trying to reach a festival in NYC. Of course, you must have the right mindset to make the most of these situations. Here’s your guide for going on a long journey by bus to any festival in NYC!

Be Positive

The consensus around public transport is changing. More people are starting to love it all. After all, buses can help people save money, curb emissions, and meet new people. Some festival-goers are embarking on journeys they may not be able to afford had they taken a different mode of transport. Ultimately, one can be incredibly fortunate to clamber aboard a bus.

Remember that public transit enthusiasts are growing in number, and look out for them once you’re onboard. While you don’t always need to talk about the journey, they’ll have a positive energy radiating from them and likely lift your mood up. It’s important to remember that you are taking the bus to get to somewhere exciting, so be excited!

There can be a whole sub-culture around long bus trips too. Passengers might sing songs, for example, as a collective way to pass the time merrily. Of course, there’s never a guarantee of a sing-song for every trip, but people like to make the most of long bus trips. You should try to do the same! Who knows, you may even make a few new friends.

Make Organization Easy

Arranging any long-distance travel can be a logistical challenge, perhaps even more so when there is festival planning involved. Still, organizing a trip on a bus can be easier than most other modes of transport. Consider where you are traveling from. If you are traveling from Montreal, you may think that the only option is by plane, when in fact a bus can get you there with ease. You can learn everything there is to know about the Montreal to NYC bus with transport experts such as Wanderu. You can search for one-way or round trips with them and see full schedules and price lists.

All of the journey information is available ahead of time too, from estimated travel distances to the lowest prices currently available. They partner with the best bus carriers at the best prices, so you can trust their guidance. These things can all combine to give you more confidence in the process, and allow you to focus on the fun of the festival.

Consider Demand

Not everybody needs a bus at the same time or on the same day. As with all modes of transport, there are peak periods for demand. If the festival you are attending is popular, then the demand for a bus could increase. Start your search as early as possible to get ahead of the crowd.

After all, crowded spaces can be a source of stress. Around 15 million adults in the US are affected by a social anxiety disorder, while others may need extra space for other reasons, such as other health complications and disabilities.

That said, some people thrive with greater numbers of people around them, living by the old mantra; the more, the merrier. If you are attending a festival, then you likely fall into this category. It might well be you’d prefer to travel on a long bus trip during a busier period so you can interact with a more of the festival-goers. Whatever your preference, it’s worth thinking about how demand can influence your experience.

Sit at the Front or Middle

Many bus passengers gravitate towards the back of the bus. It can afford more privacy and make it less likely that others will sit beside you unnecessarily. Some may carry the habit over from their high school days, too, as sitting at the back had a sense of status for a teen.

However, people in the back seats often feel the bumps in the road more harshly than everyone else on the bus. Depending on the bus and the driver’s conduct, there can be varying degrees of turbulence, but generally speaking, the ride is a little rougher at the back.

Obviously, a bumpy ride isn’t too much of a convenience for short-distance bus trips. For longer ones, though, it can eventually become tedious or even uncomfortable. It all depends on where you are traveling to the festival from. These problems are likely to be mitigated by quality service and a responsible driver, but it’s still best to play it safe with a seat at the front or middle, just in case.

Take an Overnight Bus

If you are traveling to NYC from Montreal on the bus, then an overnight bus could be the best way to reach your festival. You can simply sit down, apply your eye mask, slot your earbuds, and rest on your neck pillow as you sleep through as much of the journey as you prefer. When you wake up at your festival or NYC in general, you may feel like no time has been lost.

There are other perks to doing this too. After all, some people immediately retire to their accommodations once they’ve arrived, catching up on all the sleep they lost during travel. Not everybody does this, but if you have a history of doing so, then you can wake up feeling refreshed and press right on with the festival activities.