The casino gaming industry is rapidly evolving thanks to the many technological advancements in recent years, and is projected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% in the next 7 years.

With bigger and better games hitting the market, companies are also scrambling to deliver the best online gaming experience for players, resulting in more innovation. Here are the newest trends in online casino gaming you might have missed:

Live Gaming Rooms

Live gaming rooms are entering the mainstream consciousness. While they have been around for a while they are becoming increasing popular now that people have less access to brick and mortar casinos. With more people playing at home, there has been a greater demand for an experience that replicates the actual experience of going to a casino. Today’s online gaming companies have responded by bringing the casino to the people. The table games on Foxy Bingo allow online players to see and interact with the dealer, including the chance to watch every card being turned and every wheel spun in close-up detail. This makes the players feel like they aren’t just playing an artificial game, but that they are right in the action as they would be if they were actually at the tables. And with VR gaming evolving rapidly, expect these live games to soon get even more interactive.

AI and Machine Learning

Speaking of the gaming experience, operators have also started to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to customise games for users. AI analyses players; preferences when it comes to the games they like to play, complete with a personalised welcome page with suggestions according to their preferences. This helps them save time searching for the right game and allow them to discover ones that they otherwise would not have stumbled upon by themselves.

 Additionally, AI and machine learning also supercharge user experience. Gaming platforms are now capable of delivering human-like customer service –user queries are addressed faster with responses that sound like an actual person dispensing answers based on your profile. As this technology develops further, it has the potential to improve the gaming experience more and accommodate the users; wants and needs.

Social Casinos in Video Games

While online casino gaming is a genre in itself, there is becoming an increasing larger crossover with video games. From in-game casinos to titles that allow players to use their loot as they would in a casino, video games are offering players a new way to play casino games. The rise of in-game casinos is best demonstrated by GTA Online which has a virtual casino that allows players to spend real money to purchase in-game chips and play. This makes the experience more authentic and blurs the line between virtual gaming and reality. On the other hand games like FIFA and Fortnite have loot boxes that can be traded for money or used as a prize. These allow players to combine aspects of playing in a casino with their favourite games. With video games becoming more popular every year expect more players to “play” using their loot boxes.

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