COVID-19 was undoubtedly the worst pandemic our world has ever witnessed. The then ongoing situation during the pandemic affected the lives and careers of every single person in the world in one way or the other. But, there were few exceptions that one would indeed agree with. One of those exceptions was the boom in digital streaming platforms.

Although the increasing fans of the OTT platforms like movierulz were due to the adverse conditions in Pandemic, it got profit while the world was pushed into great losses. Those streaming platforms not only got a massive fan base from all across the globe but also affected the movie industry to an unimaginable level.

If the craze for movies is an era, then one can elaborate the era in pre-pandemic and post-pandemic times for sure. Here are some of the significant changes that occurred in the streaming industry while and after the pandemic.

  1. The incredible growth in viewers

Although OTT platforms like movierulz were around for a decade, it is only the pandemic that gave a kick start to online content consumption. Lockdown and work from home were the two top reasons behind such popularity in those digital platforms.

The theatres being closed and the restriction to step out of the house left the people with no option other than to explore the internet. And, in this scenario, OTT platforms were among the first to fall in the eyes of the people in the quest for proper alternatives to entertainment.

Well, not only one, there emerged numerous sites and apps that displayed the contents that people wish to see in the theatres. Even the most-awaited, yet delayed movies turned towards OTT platforms to get the profits to sustain amidst lockdown.

For all those reasons, digital platforms crossed the expectations and lead the whole movie-making industry surprisingly. 

  1. Increased content 

The viewers of the major OTT platforms were on the rampage. All popular content present in the streaming platforms gained millions of views, and thus millions of subscribers as well.

Increased revenue leads to an increase in the content to meet the demands of potential customers. 

So, the number of contents in the streaming platform rose to a whole new level than an average person could ever imagine. 

  1. Shaping up as an alternative of theatres

In the difficult times filled with chaos, people found a proper alternative of theatres, which were the craze among masses before the pandemic. 

The OTT platforms emerged as a proper alternative by including the latest content, popular web series, and popular movies of all genres as well. Thus, every single movie watcher could binge-watch their favorite movie collections effortlessly. 

  1. Chance to view the latest content without efforts

Although the experience from theatres is a whole new level, the streaming industry continues to encourage people to settle up and get the same immersive experience on TV. Therefore, the audience was now into the effortless way to watch their favorite and latest movies without even stepping out of the house. 

Scope of OTT platforms

Movie theatres are now going through a bad phase although some regions have already opened them. The mass audience that is missing the real experience of watching their favorite stars and the content on the big screen will indeed make their way towards theatre. 

But, the situation that the pandemic laid for those audiences also had a great impact on their way of thinking. The convenience, freedom, and time savings from the OTT platform have now become a part of the audience’s way of looking toward the movie industry. So, although theatres may run with full strength, the OTT platforms which merged into the lifestyle of the mass audience will continue to grow.