While millennial couples are in no hurry to walk down the aisle, Gen Z is ready to get hitched. In fact, almost 90 percent of them plan to get married one day. For a long time, Generation Z has been seen as the most powerful consumer demographic. Many experts have urged businesses to prepare themselves to appeal to Generation Z demographic. Streaming businesses are capitalizing on their popularity with the younger consumers, and now with their revived outlook on marriage, so is the wedding industry. In fact, with a spending power of over $140 billion, Generation Z is changing the game for many industries, and when it comes to weddings, they are doing it in a unique and new way.

Old Traditions Will Make Way For New Ones

One significant change in the way Generation Z sees weddings is their decreased emphasis on upholding age-old wedding traditions. In a recent study by The Knot, 87 percent of them said they would make their own traditions for their wedding. Around 24 percent of them saw themselves creating completely new wedding traditions for their nuptials. Amongst those new traditions are their increased preference for digitalized wedding invites (e-vites) and the ditching of single-gender wedding parties. Many of them are also thinking again when it comes to legal decisions like whether brides should take their spouse’s name after the ceremony, stick to their maiden name, or go for a hyphenated one. Thanks to modern law, couples are now exploring their freedom to choose what traditions they want to keep – or not – in their wedding and approach to marriage.

The Merging Of Cultures Will Become The Norm

Another noticeable change is that Generation Zers are not as bothered about their spouses being from the same cultural, political or religious background anymore. In fact, multicultural and multi-religious weddings are now welcomed and celebrated. The Knot’s survey also found that 44 percent of participants intended to merge traditions from more than one culture for their wedding. The couples have also indicated less intention to stick to strict religious practices in their weddings, due to their fear of not being able to include their own twist in their nuptials.

Less Is More For Generation Z

While Generation Z is more in tune with social media and digital platforms, they are also more private when it comes to their wedding days. In fact, a recently published article in Bloomberg claimed that parents of Generation Z couples can expect to pay less for wedding costs than older consumers. When it comes to details of the events, Generation Z couples are putting more emphasis on the details and less on the size. For instance, micro-weddings are expected to boom. Also, wedding parties are becoming less formal. Instead of seven course meals and extravagantly planned proposals, Generation Z couples are opting for Tik Tok proposals and live-streamed or backyard ceremonies. 

Instead of spending more on their wedding days, Generation Z couples are focusing more on experiences such as their honeymoon. Wedding planners can expect to see a rise in destination weddings and honeymoon planning. For this generation, it is no longer so much about the ceremony. Instead, the focus has shifted back to marriage and the commitment two people are making to each other.

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