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We’re only a few days away from the Pryda Friends tour. So how friendly are Jeremy and Fehr in reality? From the below information and pictures, we reckon that they’re pretty damn friendly!


Apart from being signed to the same label and doing a Pryda Friends World Tour, Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay share the same disinterest in Ice Hockey. We kid you not.



They admittedly get on very well

 According to an interview with inthemix -“We’ve become really good friends,” Olander says. “Me and Jonas get on really well…We were in Manchester, [at the] Warehouse Project, and I had just heard that this guy called Fehrplay was gonna have a release on Pryda Friends. We just kind of said hi then. We didn’t know we were gonna be touring and everything.”

Their rapport extends to good professional advice too
During the same interview they explained, “We have similar sounds, but we have distinct things that separate us, our libraries are completely different, but at the same time they work really well together.” While onstage, , “We talk on the fly and go, ‘What do you think about this?’ ‘Ehh, maybe this one.’ ‘Yeah!’” Olander adds, “It’s more about the timing of the tracks rather than [one] being a bad track. It’s like, ‘Maybe let’s keep this one for later’ or ‘Maybe this is too chill for now.”

They do (we dare say) cute things together like:

“And, while the guys haven’t sampled any new food since they’ve been in the U.S., they’ve certainly had a lot of one in particular: The alternate name for this tour is the ‘Chicken Wing Tour,’ Fehrplay says. “Every city we go to, we try to eat the best wings.” (They claim not to have missed a stop yet.)”

Fehrplay can be quite the prankster!

Here’s what he said in an interview about being on tour with Jeremy: “All the times I scare the crap out of Jeremy. I film it every time, and then amuse myself with it when I’m bored!”


They love their fans and grant them combined Reddit AMA’s:pryda2


Just chillin’ with Prydz



They even had co-ordinated Halloween costumes! Ssup brah?pryda4


Got their phones engraved by the same company.pryda011 - Copy





Booya once more!


Nothin’ says ‘best friends’ like taking silly selfies together.