Constantly Growing IT Sphere

The IT industry has never been so competitive. With new technologies popping up on a frequent basis, it’s easy to possess a specific skillset that becomes obsolete within some time. And if you can’t keep pace with the latest IT trends and technologies, you could be on the losing end.

For instance, cloud technologies have become highly popular in recent time, as they help to transform businesses and take it to a new level. That has caused the global demand for getting certifications in such area, and Amazon’s credentials are most sought-after by individuals.

Regardless of their sizes, organizations will always turn to cloud computing technologies to maintain work efficiency while at the same time reducing costs. So, the skills are highly marketable, to say the least. But to reap such benefits, you need proof that your skills are as legit as they should be. And opting for a valid AWS Certified Developer-Associate certification would help. This post is about this badge including its benefits, validated skills, average salary, and a few study tips.

But first, let’s have a brief overview of ASW certifications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Overview

Amazon Web Services (ASW) is a globally recognized cloud platform that is broadly used by respected companies and organizations all over the world. To ensure IT professionals can successfully manage their tasks quickly and effectively, as well as to work in organizations they work for, Amazon offers a diverse certification training program that empowers IT professionals to achieve their unique goals.

Currently the vendor offers 11 credentials, which fall into 4 levels including foundational, associate-level, professional as well as the specialty that validate your knowledge of specific technology areas. They equip you with the most relevant cloud and technical skills that you can implement while working with AWS Services.

In this post we’ll take a close look at the AWS Certified Developer-Associate certification and benefits you’ll gain from it.

Benefits of AWS Credentials

It’s barely a decade since they were developed but AWS credentials have quickly become valuable among employers. Given the important role played by modern cloud computing technologies, having an AWS credential almost certainly brings instantaneous benefits.

Since AWS certifications have been ranked among the top-paying IT badges, attaining one attracts a higher salary. According to, the average salary for the AWS Developer-Associate credential holders is $100 000.

Besides, attaining the AWS credentials proves your credibility and commitment to your career.

Get your assignment done online and certification by this reputable organization is a smart move because it not only puts you ahead of your colleagues but also helps you excel in the cloud computing track. If you obtain the credential of the associate level, there’s always a place to advance your skills by earning the badge of the professional level. It will increase the profit of the organization you are working for, and thus, you become a valuable employee as well as the candidate number one for career promotion.

Lastly, the AWS certifications help you keep pace with the current technology and IT trends. The credential is valid for 3 years and to keep the status of a certified specialist you need to confirm your professional level by means of recertification, so you get a chance to update your skills on a regular basis.

As we see, there are definite reasons to become AWS certified if you’ve set the goal to create your successful career.

What You Should Know about the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification

As for the AWS Certified Developer-Associate certification, it is for those candidates who plan to work in the developmental role. These individuals should have at least one year of hands-on experience in the development and maintenance of AWS-based applications. For this reason, this credential is ideal for individuals looking to authenticate their skills using an industry-recognized certification to help them excel in their careers. To obtain this badge, you need to pass one exam, – the AWS Certified Developer-Associate test.

Skills Validated by the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification

The AWS Certified Developer Associate credential proves that you have the skills and technical knowledge of implementing the fundamental AWS services, AWS architecture best practices, and a minimum of one upper-level programming language. It checks whether you possess the skills to write applications and manage their lifecycle, as well as to write code for serverless apps. Getting AWS Developer Associate certified portrays you as a competent IT professional who can use AWS Services to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications.

What it Takes to Earn the Top-Paying AWS Certified Developer Associate Credential

To earn this credential, you should succeed in the AWS Certified Developer-Associate exam or simply DVA-C01 by code. This is a 130-minute duration test with multiple choice and multiple answer questions that will cost you $150. It qualifies your knowledge and skills about the design, modification, and development of cloud applications. Feel free to download the exam guide from the Amazon official website to find detailed information about this test and what it takes to pass it in your first ever try.

Preparation options for AWS Certified Developer-Associate Exam

To prepare for your AWS Certified Developer-Associate Exam you can:

  • Use the prep material from the vendor’s website

Effective preparation using reliable study materials is tantamount to exam success. And there’s no better way to study for the test than building your hands-on experience. Luckily, Amazon offers tons of training courses, practice tests, sample questions, technical descriptions, and other study materials to equip you with helpful skills and knowledge that will help you pass your exam easily.

  • Use optional websites-

Ifyou have not much time to prepare for the exam, and the AWS curriculum can be comprehensive with so much to cover within a short period of time, you can use another reliable source of knowledge.

This is where sets in. This popular platform provides you with a valid and updated free exam dumps, training courses, and the AWS Certified Developer-Associate Premium Bundle ($24,99) for exam success. This kit includes 209 updated questions with answers, 86 lectures and a study guide. Thus, you’ll have all the necessary material to cover your exam topics and check your knowledge and skills. Since the files are in the ete format, you can train almost in the real exam environment by using the modern ETE Software. This great tool allows you to find your weak areas, track your results and improve them. Thus, you’ll be able to pass your AWS Certified Developer-Associate Exam with the highest mark.


Ever considered pursuing the AWS Certified Developer-Associate certification? If you answered yes, this might be the best time to certify. The development of IT capitalization affects a lot of areas of life and requires new professionals. Cloud computing remains an important domain of the IT industry, creating plenty of opportunities for IT professionals along the way. Earning this credential opens major possibilities for building your great future career in a prestigious IT world. The prep period for theAWS Certified Developer-Associate test is difficult, but valid exam dumps can make it more interesting and interactive. So, get certified today and reap the benefits of your hard work.