Our universe is filled with some amazing, secrets that humankind is trying to decipher. For centuries we have been studying science, stars, galaxies to find some worthy information and satiate our hunger for more. Have you ever seen stars shining at night? They are lighting the whole sky beautifully at night. Sometimes you might feel fascinated about it. But the main question that comes to our mind is how are stars formed? Are there other galaxies where stars are present? We have been lucky that some intelligent ones have found a lot of answers about the origin, formation, lighting of stars at night. We can buy many things with money. However, can you buy a star? In this article, we will explore many amazing facts about stars. It will surely make you want to buy one for yourself or your loved one.

Formation of stars

Stars are a type of astronomical object. It is said that they are a huge source for heavy metal distribution and manufacturing like carbon, nitrogen, and even oxygen. Study about the origin, history, and dynamics of stars is in the field of astronomy. In most galaxies, they are formed within clouds of dust and they are scattered all over. Due to gravity dust is bunched together and, stars are formed. More dust means stronger gravity and a high temperature. When the temperature is high enough a reaction takes place, and stars formation takes place.

We can purchase a star online and get a certificate for it. A star once formed will remain burning for billions of years. It is said that it takes years for stars to reach the maturity stage unlike the sun, which will remain in the maturity stage for billions of years. What happens that stars remain burning for so many years? The hydrogen in it helps in burning. Once hydrogen is finished stars stop burning. Now, what about the sun? It also has hydrogen in it for about 10 billion years. To buy a star, you have to go through a process and make payment.

Red Giant

What is a red giant? We read that stars need hydrogen to keep burning. When it is over, a star becomes a red giant. This red giant is a lot more in mass than the sun and it is also luminous. But the outer layer of the red giant is cool in temperature, which is why it is in red and orange color. These red giants are much bigger than the sun. Therefore, they are more luminous. Why do stars collapse? After some time, the core of the star starts producing iron which leads to its collapse. A large star will create a supernova when it collapses. Once a supernova explosion happens, a black hole or neutron is formed.

Now, what is a black hole? It is an area with super high gravity. It is so strong that not even a single particle can escape it. Whereas, a neutron has a 20km diameter and is much denser than a white dwarf.

Have you ever thought about star registration ? It may sound very romantic and unrealistic, but you can do it. Some online sites let you. So, if you are planning a birthday, anniversary, or even valentine’s day for your loved ones. You can gift them something eternal. A star is the best gift. They will remember it as long as they live. Moreover, your gift will remain in the sky for many generations to witness.  

Composition of a star

What is a star made of? Stars can be in multiple different galaxies. In our galaxy milky way, stars have hydrogen, helium, and, many other small elements. Hydrogen has a dominant percentage of more than 70%. Helium is about 27%, and the remaining are small elements. The dust with which stars are formed is made of – carbon, silicon, iron, and other metals as well. To buy a star, you must know some of these facts. So you can make an impression on the other person.

How many stars are formed in each year? The answer is around 3 stars every year. Other than the milky way, there are around 50 million galaxies. Every galaxy is different and basic multiplication can tell that 150 million stars are formed every year.

Some interesting facts about stars

Before you make your decision to buy a star, you can read some amazing facts about them that are given below. They will blow your mind.

  • Stars cannot be seen in the daylight. Some think that it is because the sunlight hides them. But in reality, it is not sunlight that hides them but the reflective atmosphere of the earth that hides them. Star is seen even if they are not very far from the sun.
  • The twinkling of stars is also dependent on the earth’s atmosphere. If you see them in space, then they are always shining.
  • The biggest stars on earth are located, in Southern Hemisphere. But based on the brightness, the top ten stars are divided equally between the northern and southern hemispheres i.e, 5 in each.
  • The coldest star has a temperature of 2700 degrees in minus. It is Aquarius.

If you are going to be parents soon or have a wedding or even celebrating your benchmark anniversary, then you can buy a star to make the gift everlasting. Getting a star with your name is something worth cherishing and remembering always. In the certificate, you will get the name imprinted. Along with the directions and the coordinates of the exact location of the star.

So, when you watch stars at night with your loved one, you can locate your star and reminisce about all your memories and make the night, an extra special. For babies, it is an excellent way to showcase how special they are and when they grow up, they can show their friends that they have their star in the sky. It will be eternal gift for them.