It doesn’t get weirder than this. Some ambitious organizers have planned a full-fledged festival in Hong Kong, to celebrate sexual pleasure, orgasms and bondage. And it’s called Orgasmo. You heard that right!

As a homage to the “good old days of porn cinema”, GOOOOOD Secrets has a lot planned for the inaugural extravaganza, and a very, very sensual promo video has been uploaded to their Facebook page. (You will get sick of looking at the word ‘Secret’ after this.)

As the video suggests, Orgasmo will take place at a secret venue with a capacity of more than a thousand people, and will feature a ‘sensual dance’ and a demonstration of shibari, the Japanese art of bondage. (Fifty Shades, anyone?), apart from a porn film screening that promises to be ‘women-focused’ and Asian.

The spokesperson for GOOOOOD Secrets, Tracy Wong finds young people less comfortable than their older counterparts when the topic of discussing about sex arises. Via South China Morning Post, Wong stated this: “Hong Kong people have always been reticent when it comes to talking about sex.”



The festival’s scheduled from April 2 to May 14, with a handful of events in between, including the ones already mentioned. If you’re someone who gets weirded out while talking about the art of orgasm in public, then Orgasmo is most definitely not for you!