Apart from some awesome headliners, the MTV Bloc party line-up includes some of India’s finest electronic acts till date. Here’s what you should know about them.



…or the shining beacon of Indian techno?

As a Techno/ Deep House specialist; Ankytrixx’s popularity in the country knows no bounds. His work covers a vast spectrum of underground electronic sound, with artistes like John Digweed, Guy J, Richie Hawtin being among the artistes he’s lent his support to over the last decade. Be assured, no one else can throw down like Ankytrixx can.


2. Ash Roy

As one/third of the now defunct Jalebee Cartel, one of the first and iconic dance music bands in the country, Ash Roy’s individual production and DJing is nothing short of awesome. His style ranges from minimal to tech-house to techno, with his music being released on some prestigious labels such as Trapez Ltd., Creepy Finger, Monocline, Buena Onda amongst others.


3. AlgoRhythm

With a duo like AlgoRhythm, you can always something fun and new. Their sound categorized as ‘a pot-pourri of fresh, eclectic, syncopated beats peppered with some funk’  draws a lot of inspiration from beat artistes like Pretty Lights and Justice teamed with some dnb and dubstep too. If bass is your thing, so will AlgoRhythm.


4. BlaNk (live)

Unshackling the limitations of what just one performing artist can do, BLaNK pushes the boundaries of conventional DJing by re-editing 4/ 4 dance tracks and imagery, and fusing it with the earthy tones of live instruments, classical Indian influenced melodies, and exclusively produced customized cinematic visuals all done real time

BLaNK comprises the talent of Manny (DJ); Skip (DJ/turntablist); Alive (visuals); and Nirupama (instrumentalist/vocalist), all pouring in the essence of their joint musical background into their sets, pushing themselves – and their machines – to the limit.


5. Calm Chor

As one of the founding members of electronic supertroop Jalebee Cartel, Ashvin or ‘Calm Chor’ has been part of of the industry since 1998. His style of music is a curious mix of Techno, Psy Tech and Progressive, a blend that can leave you high and dry for more.


6. EZ Riser

Launched in Oct 2012, EZ Riser is the solo project of Sohail Arora pushing cutting edge Electronica, Glitch Hop, Electro Hip Hop, Breaks, Bass House & IDM. Check out some of his awesome stuff below


7. Lost Stories

As the poster boys for Indian EDM, Lost Stories’ productions are a class apart. This reflects in their immense popularity among Indian EDM enthusiasts and translates through their sold out shows and gigs. Check out some of their new tunes, quite different from what they originally used to produce. We can say this much – we absolutely love it!


8. Nanok

Nanok’s music is a lot of things, most of all undeniable fun. Before you get to seem him drop some mad beats at Bloc Party, check out his hilarious new music video ‘fever’.



9. Nucleya

The infamous bass god on India. Akkad Bakkad all you like at this MTV Bloc Party, with everyone’s favourite trap DJ.


10. Ox7gen

Ox7gen is the ambient/drum and bass project and brainchild of Aditya Ashok, drummer for The Colour Compound and one half of Shaa’ir + Func. Conceptualized in 2011, Ashok released his first EP Any Time Now in 2012. Self-taught for the most part, Aditya Ashok claims his primary musical influences to be Netsky and Danny Byrd. Ox7gen made its way into the industry pretty swiftly, performing at Bacardi NH7, Pune and even Goa’s Sunburn Festival. Here are some of his exceptional tracks.


11. Reggae Rajahs

Reggae Rajahs is a Delhi-based band formed in 2009. Their music is a swift amalgamation of reggae, dancehall and a tad bit of dub here and there. Head-bob and foot-tap worthy, these guys are India’s first reggae sound system, consisting of tongue-twisting members DJ MoCity, Diggy Dang, General Zooz, BeLights and Ziggy B. Here are some of their beats to get you into the groove.


12. Sickflip

Sickflip is a solo project based in Bombay by 22 year old DJ Sarvesh Shrivastava. His eclectic sounds range from heavy bass and Glitch-hop to nameless experimental sounds. In the span of 2 years, Sickflip has paved his own way into the Indian independent music scene, performing at several homegrown festivals and events such as Enchanted Valley Carnival, NH7 and Sunburn Goa.


13. Su Real

Another groundbreaking act from New Delhi, Su Real is a broad-ranging DJ mixing extensive sounds popular EDM, dancehall, dubstep and R&B. Touching all bases my mixing some Bollywood tracks with his electronic beats, Su Real is an inadvertent people pleaser. Listen to some of his irrevocably catchy tracks to get a glimpse of his music.


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