We can’t wait to buy one!

A company named Gemio has come up with an innovative new wearable tech that could totally enhance our festival/gig experience. Loaded with customizable LEDs, various sensors and the ability to connect to your smartphone, the Gemio Band has a lot of possibilities.

Gemio’s technology creates millions of colors and endless Light Effects that respond to music, movement and the people around you. You can also connect with friends by pairing your bands or set up Light Signals via the app to communicate with them. For example, you can set a specific light code to signal “Meet me” at a predetermined spot or “Let’s get out of here” which is especially useful in a crowd. The band also allows the artists to create their own custom light show in the audience by connecting them all to one server.

The Gemio is also the first wearable that lets you change your design using snap-on Tiles to match your look, your mood or the moment. It also includes advanced Light Effects that mimic elements in nature and respond to your movement. The Water Effect shows flowing blues, greens and whites across your band. Fire emulates the flickering oranges, reds, and yellows of a flame and “sparks” when you tap your band.

The band comes along with a special wireless charger with an option for custom tiles which you can get by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. Gemio has already received over $39,000 in pledges out of their $50,000 goal so it will most definitely become a reality soon.

Check out the band in action here :