As we near the seventh installment of the scenic Go Madras showdown this September, the Sherp tells you why this beach-side gathering is the epitome of intimate festival experiences. 


1. Destination Supreme 


Set in the spectacular coastal part of Chennai, Mahabalipuram is the perfect venue for a festival the scale of Go Madras. Its Radisson Blu home also speaks volumes about the quality of service and hospitality that a festival goer should expect, and the beach side location will definitely spice up the atmosphere. Chennai is bestowed with some of the most marvelous beaches in the country and you will get a chance to see the splendid scenic view together with calm sea, shimmering white sand and cool breeze.


2. Carnival-esque congregation 


Now just because you’re at a music festival doesn’t mean you will be subjected to non-stop music for 2 days. A number of distractions will be set up at the venue to keep your mind fresh and the enhance the vibe. A quintessential Goan flea market aura will be established with the Go Bazaar pop-up stores, tattoo artists and spas stationed across this section. While the festival urges you to indulge in sporting activities such as Zorbing and Dirt biking provided by the Radisson Blu themselves, these activities will be end before sunset to ensure you don’t miss out on all the musical brilliance they’ve assembled for you.


3. Festival Scale: Spot On 


It’s incredibly vital to balance the art of promoting an event while still maintaining the overall identity and dignity of the festival. Go Madras has hit the nail right on its head in that respect. Production, visuals and decor have been carefully curated over its previous editions and this year they’re expected to go all out in this respect. Sitting in a cozy beach side luxury hotel with some of the best electronic music on show, this is not your regular “EDM” shindig with crazy, over enthusiastic young folk, but rather a more intimate, private affair, designed for mature crowds who simply look forward to leaving with a pleasant and memorable experience.


4. Best place to unwind



Now if you’re looking for a perfect yin and yang between quality, energetic music as well as room for luxury and relaxation, Go Madras is the place to be. The fact that it’s a beach festival means you can grab your tangy pinacolada and gaze at the beautiful sunsets that await you at the Radisson. The hotel has also set up a variety of menus for you to dig into, with special grub for breakfast, brunch and dinner. Sunday’s special pool brunch for hotel residents should warm you up perfectly for the rest of the day, and we couldn’t think of a better venue to make for a memorable holiday experience.


5. Musical Firepower



If there’s one cue that other music festivals should definitely take from Go Madras is the ability to pull it off successfully sans the shiny, mainstream names that usually drive ticket sales. Go Madras has beautifully utilized our local talent by assembling a homegrown roster of some of the finest and most forward thinking musicians in the country. Acts like Ash Roy, Boombay Central, AFM, Calm ChorAdam as well as co-founders Shiv Gupta and Tuhin Mehta have become regulars owing to the great interpersonal relationship the festival shares with their artists. VJ’s Kaycee, Wayne and Zen will make sure everything is in order and the international names scheduled to perform are also some of the most respected and renowned in their specific genres – Alex Di Stefano, Ruiz Sierra and Perfect Stranger leading the line. Watch out for those after parties though, the DJ’s really tear it down there.


6. Fantastic Company


Go Madras has always attracted like-minded people who are definitely there to applaud and appreciate the music and service on show. You will find yourself surrounded by a supreme caliber of music lovers, unlike the naive young minds that populate most large scale music festivals today. We know it for a fact that Chennai is packed with underground music fans who believe and stand for music.


Go Madras, co-organized by Shiv Gupta, Hema Sethuraman and Tuhin Mehta, makes for a truly special, intimate and pure musical experience and the fact that its held on a beach over two days just adds to the magnetism of this unique festival. Hit this up while passes still last, you can buy them HERE.

(Cover Image via: Radisson Blu Website)