The Sherp’s always on board to prep you for an upcoming festival; so quite obviously, we have a list of ways you can be ready for the Comedy Central Chuckle Festival.

Comedy festivals are a great way to bring together your favourite comedians on a single platform. However, in India, they are far few and in between and are part of a recently growing comedy phenomenon. And while you may have an idea about just how you need to prep up for the next music festival extravaganza, we understand that in regards to a comedy festival, you may feel a little shorthanded. But with Russell Brand making it to India, with Vir Das and Papa CJ for company, it’s time you learned the ropes. But worry not. The Sherp will ready you up just right,

1. Reach when you want; it’s your ticket

You know when you buy tickets for a music festival, but reach at your convenience? Why should it be any different, just because it’s a comedy festival! After all, having bought your own ticket, you want to arrive in style, looking your very best. It’s perfectly alright to reach when you want, and then jostle across legs as you’re looking for your seat. Never mind that the comic has already taken to the stage. It’s his job to get you crackling as soon as you take your seat.


2. Make sure your festival fashion is on fleek

Festival fashion is a part of pop culture for a reason, and come-rain-come-shine-come-comedy, it shall remain relevant. A comedy festival is no reason for you to not pick up your choicest outfit. And if you’re conditioned to pick a flower headband at the mere mention of the word, ‘festival’, then do so, and own it! It might make you late for the festival, but for that, go back to point 1!

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3. Who needs to know the news?

Usually, and we say this with a little experience, comic acts are staged around news that’s topical and prevalent. But hey, let’s be true to ourselves! That’s just comedians trying to be intellectual. They are not supposed to be! They’re supposed to be funny. So you needn’t know who the President of India is, or that America is not a fan of Putin (who’s that?). If you don’t find it funny, it’s the comedian’s fault. Not worth your ticket.

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4. Boo till the comedian’s on stage

Let’s face it. You’re there for Russell Brand. You want Vir Das to come on stage with his urban, goofy swagger. And comics don’t have to particularly dress up, or test the equipment right? So as soon as you’re in, the act should very well begin. Ain’t nobody got time to stare at the stage, or something along those lines. You’ve paid for the ticket.

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5. Keep your mobile camera ready

You don’t want to be the one caught at the bar later failing to recount the joke that left you chortling like a baby pig. What are smart phones for? Flick yours out (sic) and record the set when you realise the comic’s getting too funny to handle. If you think the entire set is the funniest thing to happen to India since the government, feel free to record it. Your hands might hurt, and they might block the view of the person sitting behind you. But you paid for your ticket.

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6. Also, leave your phones on; it’s just comedy

You’re an important person, who receives WhatsApp forwards, emails from online shopping sites, Facebook pokes at an alarming regularity. And as a person of the present, you cannot miss these, with no good reason. Relax. It’s just a comedy programme. You can always reply with timely laughing emojis and get back to the set, and be amused by what the comedian’s talking about. It’s his job to make you laugh at all times. You paid for the ticket.

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7. Upload the video, obviously

How did YouTube become the powerhouse video streaming website that it is? That’s because benevolent people of all kinds take videos and upload them. So if you did indeed take a video of the set, you must upload it, at all costs. So if someone wants a good dose of Vir Das comedy in the future, they can just find their way to your video, than buy a ticket for his next show. It’s your video, anyway. You paid for the ticket.

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8. Take offence; it’s your birthright

How dare comedians make uncomfortable, honest remarks about sexism, caste, religion, or the country’s corruption levels! I mean, if Vir Das or Paja CJ make jokes about small towns, it’s urban supremacy! And if Russell Brand dared to joke around about Indians, it’s white man’s supremacy! And you cannot take it lying down. Because, you’ve paid for the ticket. And you have every right to be offended by every joke directed at you, however honest it may be!

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Seriously though, please do not do any of these obnoxious things, because it shouldn’t matter. With a promised dose of laughter from the Comedy Central Chuckle Festival featuring the inimitable Russell Brand and India’s very own funny commentators Vir Das and Papa CJ, all you have to do is sit back, and laugh away.

For that, you have to buy the ticket here.