Berlin Festival is nearly here with all its brilliance and extravagance in terms of music, art and culture. Known to stand out in the plethora of international music festivals, Berlin’s variety of indulgent cultural activities that festival-goers can lose themselves in is what sets it apart.

Here’s a glimpse of how phenomenal your weekend in Berlin could be.


The Art & Culture At Berlin Festival

Berlin Festival is more than just a music festival. Berlin aims to introduce and rejuvenate the city’s diverse subculture movements. With art displays as well as spectacular live acts, Berlin Festival promises to be a visual treat.


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  • Art Village, almost as anticipated as the lineup itself, will be a celebration of art and culture with over 60 artists painting, performing and displaying their brilliance for all attendees.
  • Art Market is exactly what it sounds like. A vast display of beautiful art and authentic products.
  • Berlin’s appreciation of celebration for theatre is represented by TRASHite at the festival, an event where performances are exclusively prepared for the festival by some of the most talented actors, singers and performers in the country.
  • Berlin’s film festival scene will make a spectacular entrance at the Berlin ‘A’ Screen, the festival’s very own film lounge with a session of Q&As and an intriguing cross section with the film festival’s programme.


The Music


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  • The Lineup of Berlin Festival is just as awesome, if not more, as last year’s. Featuring some of the most diverse, promising and talked-about acts from around the globe, such as James Blake, Rudamental, Chet Faker, Berlin’s homegrown Richie Hawtin and many more you can view below.


View complete lineup here.

  • Busker Diaries Campfire, an initiative that document and support street musicians and their scene will be lighting up Berlin Festival this year, bringing along some of the best street musicians to town.


The Location

Berlin Festival will be held at the picturesque Arena Park, facing the breathtaking river Spree. Check out some of the images of the venue below.

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The Food


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Every unique festival needs phenomenal food to complete the experience, and Berlin Festival doesn’t disappoint. Berlin initiates Spree Food at the Arena Park, a break from the partying where you can enjoy the country’s authentic flavour. From arugula burgers to Swabia’s trademark Maultaschen and raclette cheese, Berlin’s got you covered.


Berlin Festival hit’s the German capital on 29-31 May, a.k.a. this weekend. Make sure you check out their website for more details like schedule, travel, etc.