Vh1 Supersonic is kicking off their festival season with a massive ‘undercover’ party. Here’s everything we know about it.

The air has been buzzing with anticipation this week. Vh1 Supersonic has dropped major, albeit ambiguous hints on their Facebook page about an ‘undercover’ party that’s to light up Bombay soon. Using the hashtag #SupersonicUndercover, the party seems mysteriously exclusive and the entry is hinted towards an invite only basis.

But the questions remain: how do you get an invite and what on earth is this party about? Our sources tell us that some of the best homegrown DJs will be flying across the country to get to this event which will play host to the entire Vh1 community and relevant names in the mainstream as well as indie music scene.

The party is to take place on September 30, and we’re guessing this is leading to something huge. Vh1 Supersonic will be running contests and the a lucky few will get the golden opportunity to party amongst the biggest names in the music industry. Keep tabs on VH1 Supersonic’s Twitter for more info and The Sherp for updates!