At Johnnie Walker The Journey, awe-inspiring music will be heard with the expansive instrumentals of post-rock legends Explosions In The Sky, and you must not miss it.

This year too, much like the last, Johnnie Walker The Journey is back with five cultural icons, each as equally exhilarating and brilliant, as they are diverse. The audience will be treated to multiple acts of brilliance including Oscar and Grammy winning legend Giorgio Moroder’s retrogressive synth tunes, Coachella headliner Tycho’s neatly arranged ambient sounds, Explosions in the Sky’s grand harmonies, Edinburg Fringe Award winning Leo’s mind-bending performance and the documentary, shortlisted for the Academy Awards 2015, on the legend of Marlon Brando.

While each performance will be exciting enough to warrant your presence, The Sherp is here to insist that you must absolutely not skip Explosions in the Sky by any means. We’re pretty excited ourselves for the post rock legends’ debut Indian performance, and we’re here to tell you why their music will leave you overwhelmed with gratitude.

The treat of post rock

The genre of post rock has been an absolute revelation to traditional rock music, or even rock and roll as it were. Stretching characteristically repetitive rhythms that rock is used to, over expanded symphonies, and employing instruments to larger than life compositions, rather than sticking to the pop-kitschy framework, post-rock has brought upon rock music, a harmonical revolution, fusing classical melancholia with rock. And of post rock bands whose music stands out for being appealing, Explosions in the Sky are pretty much veterans. The Texan quartet boast of some ground-breaking work that they’ve been responsible for, for almost 15 years now! If you wish to experience post rock in all its glory, then there is no better introduction than this band, right here.

For fans of grandiose

Art carries within it personality, where, despite its inanimate status, it can be highly evocative. Amongst music that is easy flowing and sombre stands the music of Explosions in the Sky that defines splendour with every imaginative harmony, and every inventive tune. Their music is as grand as an orchestration, using instruments such as bass, guitar and percussions to create riffs that can exalt the audience to a feeling of euphoria. It’s music that is not only emotionally stimulating but also immensely cathartic. You will agree that perhaps the phrase ‘goosebump inducing’ was coined for music as such.

Music speaks for itself

Know this now – Explosions in the Sky use no vocals. It will be a performance beginning with sound and ending with that. Indeed, the band members will utter not a word, except at the very start of the performance and once at the very end. And if you thought music without vocals cannot be arresting enough, think again. For Explosions in the Sky are known to put up riveting acts where the music reaches ebbs and crescendos, compensating for the absence of vocals in a pretty satisfying manner. In fact, with the lack of lyrics, the sound of the band is more subjectively tested, as it has within it the ability to affect each listener in its own way. If you wish to experience a special kind of trance, you will be swayed by the audience lapping up Explosions in the Sky’s wordless orchestration.

Cinematic Music

There is a reason that the music of Explosions in the Sky has been used for movies and shows that has incredible dramatic appeal. These include programmes such as CSI : Crime Scene Investigation, Friday Night Lights, One Tree Hill and several feature films such as Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Foo Fighters documentary Foo Fighters : Sonic Highways, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and The Kite Runner to name a few. This is because their music bears visual strength of commanding proportions, so watching them live is a sensory experience hitherto unparalleled.

Incredible live performance reputation

Explosions in the Sky are known to be exceptionally compelling live performers. While the band is often accompanied by a lightshow that cuts an enthralling visual, the band members, by themselves, make for credible stage acts. It is not just the manner of intensity they portray when going all out on their instruments, but it is also the whimsical figures they cut when doing so. They perform music as if in an absolute haze with frontmanMunafRayani belting out notes on his guitar oblivious to the world around him; with guitarists, Michael James’ and Mark Smith’s faces and postures contorting to the sound of the rhythms even as percussionist Chris Hrasky takes to the drums like a man possessed. It’s all incredible to look at and witness, making it a truly special musical journey.

For a truly unique experience

Explosions in the Sky will be presenting music, starkly individualistic in style and tonality from that of Giorgio Moroder’s and Tycho’s thereby making them as essential to the show as the others. Together with Leo and Stevan Riley’s“Listen to Me Marlon’, the five artistic pieces fit like self-serving pieces to a puzzle that when experienced wholly will be as satisfying as awakening. While Giorgio will bid hellos to your kitschy pop dreams, Tycho will make for magnetically whimsical music, Leo will put up a visually-deceiving performance and “Listen to Me Marlon” will awaken your respect for one of film’s greatest thespians, Explosions in the Sky will fulfill their legacy by taking your imagination, and doubling it five times over. It will be the kind of music you never knew you could love, for love you will; thereby becoming a performance that must be witnessed live.

To catch the band in all its glory, grab your tickets for Johnnie Walker The Journey here.