Lovebox Music Festival has seen some of the most chic yet understated festival outfits over the years. Here are a few Lovebox-inspired looks that work great this summer.

Lovebox, which will take place July17-18 in London this year, is known for many things, stellar lineups and great vibes being some of them. But the fashion at Lovebox has always been the talk of the town. From street DIY outfits to fashion week ramp worthy looks, these are a few looks we watched and learned from at Lovebox.

1. The Devil May Care Look



This is one of the easiest outfits to put together, though not easiest to pull off. If you’re the rock & roll/grunge lovin’ kind of person, we reckon this might suit you best. pair a simple tank with a pair of shorts and throw in the key elemnts – leather jacket and lace-up boots. These along with your natural bad-head and shades should complete the look.

2. Summer With A Side of Sassy



This look is sweet, subtle and slightly vintage with a rebellious edginess that every girl going for a music festival craves. With simple DIY tie-dye shorts, a minimalistic top and an elaborate/pseudo-vintage flower crown, your outfit is complete. (Also,

3. The All American Attitude



If you’re all for eclectic fashion, then this might be the look for you. A simple Audrey Hepburn-esque heat and shades look combined with flag print shorts and a tasseled bag makes all the difference.

4. Ethnic Tie-dye Hipster



What says ‘festival’ better than tie-dye t-shirts and bindis? Couple those with lace-up gum boots and a denim jacket tied to the waist and you have a 90’s inspired festival outfit that totally works.

5. Easy, Breezy And Elegant



This look is as classy as it gets at a music festival. Not just that, it’s also surprisingly comfortable. Simply accessorized, this can come off as uber-confident and screams summer-music-festival. All you need is platform heels, loose, printed, knee-length shorts and a cutesy top. This may not be the easiest to put together, but the outcome is definitely worth it.

6. Pop Culture Avant-Garde



This pop-punk look is equal parts bold and adorable. And if we’re being honest, if you have the dress, putting together the rest of it is cake walk. All you need is a black leather handbag and matching ankle boots to compliment the badassery of the outfit.

7. Retro On The Wrong Side Of The Stage



This outfit as offbeat as they come. Part Amy Winehouse and part Josie & The Pussycats, this is so strangely eclectic that it’s almost remarkable. The chances of finding a similar top are slim, but you can work this look with the combination of the boots, the stalkings, the high-waist shorts and a flamboyantly coloured retro top. the hairdo requires some originality, so knock yourself out.