Bestival is counted among the more superlative music festivals in the world. The Sherp will tell why its 2015 edition will be even better!

In terms of cultural spectacles, Bestival is a no-holds-barred mega event that involves music, performance art, fancy dress parades, drag parties and so much more, that it wonderfully fits in during its four-day run. In addition to being one of the most respected and coveted boutique festivals around, the natural beauty extended to the festival due to its location in the green pastures of Robin Hill, situation in Isle of Wight, just amplifies the true Bestival experience.


As far as boutique festivals go, Bestival gets it right every single time, enough to have won several festival awards in the past. For its 2015 run, which can be experienced from the 10th to the 13th of this month, The Sherp is here to give you a lowdown on how special it really will be!

Summer of Love

Boutique festival, in their bid to bring together art that’s mutually resonating and like-minded people, offer yearly themes. Of them, Bestival’s themes have always been one that are reflective of its positive spirit. Its 2015 theme, however, is symbolic of the very festival itself. The festival whose central themes have always radiated optimism, love, and the goodness associated with all things ‘sun’, will be celebrating this very inherent core idea, in its 2015 run.



The 2015 music lineup!


Bestival brings together some positive musical reinforcement every year, but their 2015 lineup just takes it to another level. Including artists from across the genre spectrum, and boasting of a variety like few other festival, Bestival’s lineup manifests the idea of talent and popularity. Here are The Sherp’s picks of the lot.

Tame Impala

Tame Impala is making psychedelic music a commercial play-game, with their rise to fame. Their latest album, Currents, which sees the band take the electronic-synth route after their sharp rock leanings, was preceded by the band performing at several festivals debuting the songs from their album one by one. And their penchant to be a live-wire of an act live, the appearances have only helped cement the band’s position as one of the better and more popular psychedelic acts of the year.


Jungle is at the moment notoriously famous, so it’s time you jumped on to the bandwagon, not because of how they’re catching up, but because they’re amazing. They’re a modern soul collective with some serious funk influence, with high-pitched vocals. And damn, are their videos super interesting.

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus is one of the more respected electronic producers, beat-genius and rappers around. It is his true experimentative spirit that has earned the multi-faced producer the reputation of being one of the very best in the electronic genre, and he will be leading the Bestival line-up from the very front. Absolutely unmissable!

Jamie XX

The producer and handler of all things electronic and percussion based on the Indietronic Brit band, The XX, has had somewhat of a dazzling electronic solo career, right from him resampling Gil Scott-Heron’s work in We’re New Here to his eponymous work in his debut solo EP, In Colour. The young producer is credited with being able to work around the synth and existing samples to create a myriad of ear-pleasing sounds, and from what we hear, he makes for a sound live act.

FKA Twigs

That FKA Twigs taught contemporary dance in London before she was on her way to become a British trip-hop favourite is cool, but is nowhere as cool as the music she makes. Her waspy voice, with her soothing electronic production makes her quite the trippy addition to your music. There is a strong reason she’s slowly rising to be so popular.

The Bestival Parade

The Bestival Parade is one the festival’s aspects that brings it severe popularity, as all Bestival loyalists deck themselves in costumes and outfits that are true to the year’s theme. With ‘Summer of Love’ you can except an insurgence of warm colours, summery tresses, hippi-esque overtures and theatrical depictions of the theme!



Bestival’s Performance Art

If you think music is all that Bestival has to offer, then think again! This year’s Bestival’s non-musical line-up involves some off the charts visually enthralling performers. From slow motion acts, to films being screened in the forests; from wedding disco parties to fancy dress competitions; from drag queen ceremonies to reggaerobics, Bestival has it all. And what’s more? The Festival’s infamously popular, 2014 Disco Ball returns this year as a sight worth the wait!

JJ Benfica 2




UK’s very best, for the end

Bestival also marks the end of UK’s festival season, being the last major festival to be held in the year. And as it does, it also guarantees an incredible experience. From music, to performances, to playing dress-up, and to having the best time, Bestival is the very best send-off.



(All images sourced from : Bestival Facebook)