Phone monitoring applications have seen a resurgence of sorts with parents and business owners around the world. The need to keep an eye on your personal and private information has never been higher. And with the plethora of data leaks and cybersecurity threats arising for companies and countries alike, the case for phone monitoring applications grows stronger every day. That is especially true for business owners that deal with confidential financial or technological information that could harm their existence if leaked. The same is true for parents who have to deal with the rising surge in cyberbullying rates. Child safety and data protection are the two biggest use cases for these applications.

But to counter these applications and other prying eyes, social media companies are shifting from traditional instant messaging formats and adopting the “Snapchat” model. Snapchat grew into massive popularity with teenagers in the middle of 2014, and its core feature that drew the attention of many was its disappearing messages. Once you sent a message to someone, they had one chance to view it. The same applied to photos as well. What’s more? Snapchat also alerted the sender if the recipient tried to take screenshots of the conversation or picture. It was convenient and promised privacy to its users by claiming not to keep anything on its servers either.

Fast forward a couple of years and most instant messengers today offer similar or the same functionality. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and even WhatsApp have now adopted “one view” messages and pictures format. This has provided a massive boost in how people use these applications: knowing that the recipient of their messages can’t save their messages or view them at a later date. So while online privacy protection is the main driver behind this shift in format, it has its downsides too.

Ensuring that messages and photos will be deleted once viewed can be the perfect way for people to mask their pedophilic and perverted attempts at young children and teenagers. Victims can find it very difficult to trace and report abusive and sexual misconduct due to a lack of access to the backlog of messages. The same is true for business owners that rely on strict privacy measures around their business practices. Not knowing where the information was sent, and without any solid evidence, it can be difficult for them to nail down the cause of any data breaches or privacy violations.

How Do Device Monitoring Tools Help?

As mentioned before, device monitoring tools have gained recent traction amongst parents and business owners. App stores today are filled to the brim with multiple options to choose from but we’ll be discussing one from the vast array of apps available: Xnspy.

Xnspy is the best Snapchat spy app for Android due to the expansive list of features that it boasts. With this device monitoring application, you can:

  • Precisely geo-locate target devices
  • Monitor social media and instant messaging activity
  • View call logs and text messages
  • View emails
  • Know the last ten websites visited on the target phone
  • View the recent Wi-Fi connections used by the target phone
  • Record phone calls and listen to the phone’s surroundings

And so much more. A comprehensive list of all of the app’s features is available on the company’s website. Naturally, with such an impressive feature set to boast, Xnspy is our prime candidate if you want to pry on someone’s Instagram or Snapchat account.

How to spy on Instagram and Facebook?

The best way to view past photos posted on Snapchat or Instagram is by scouring the target phone’s gallery. Let’s go over the steps on how to spy on Instagram and Facebook.

Step 1: Make your Xnspy Account

You begin by subscribing to Xnspy and select which version you want. This would vary between the Android or iPhone versions and depends on the device your child owns. You then have to install the app on their phone too. This, too, differs as Xnspy for Android needs installation but the iPhone version does not have that prerequisite. All you need to do is to configure the iCloud Backup.

Step 2: Sign in to the Xnspy Web Account

Once installation is complete, Xnspy needs 24 to 48 hours to move data from your child’s/staff’s phone onto the web account. When this process is complete, you can log in to by using your credentials.

Step 3: Click the “Photos” tab

Once done, you will then be redirected to a dashboard that will display all the data and information stored on the phone all in one place. You will now click on the menu on your left-hand side and then select the “Photos” tab to view all the pictures that are saved on your child’s phone.

Step 4: Using the Search Icon for Finer Management

You can even view the parent folders of the pictures and know exactly where to find them. This helps categorizing images for you. Images posted on Instagram are saved in their relative folder too. To access these, click on the “Search” icon at the top right of the page. In the drop-down menu, look for “Instagram” and hit “Search.” You will then be able to see all the photos your child has uploaded to his/her Instagram account. You can further fine-tune your specifications based on photos from “Today,” “This Month,” “This year,” or “All.”

If live monitoring is what you’re looking for, Xnspy helps you out with that too. You can easily track Instagram and Snapchat messages and Monitor more than just Instagram private messages with their new screen-recording feature. Now, you can even check the Instagram feed or IGTV, too, which periodically takes screenshots for you whenever the target phone uses Snapchat or Instagram.

Still wondering how to spy on Instagram, you can visit website to get more info or get in touch with Xnspy’s support team and get all your queries answered right away. Similarly, you can get thorough instructions on how to spy on Snapchat by clicking here.

You can also view the video below for a visual tutorial on monitoring Snapchat and Instagram conversations:

And perhaps the best feature of Xnspy is that the application allows you to test the interface and usability before you make your purchase decision. You can view the interactive live demo here.

If you believe that monitoring certain devices is the best way for you to keep an eye on your children or staff, Xnspy is the ideal tool for the purpose.