Finding someone with similar music tastes to attend a festival with isn’t the easiest task. But this app will come to your rescue, and help you find the perfect companion!

Scrute It isn’t a matchmaking app, it’s an online community that connects you with people who have a similar taste in music, prompting you to meet at different festivals and concerts. It’s also a new way to discover music that you may like – through interaction. Co-founder Cloe Khawam says it’s not just a platform that has great playlists (not unlike 8tracks and, but it also encourages a true fan’s feedback on particular artists.

“I was studying late at night around two years ago, and I got this inspiration for a website revolving around music reviews. After a lot of research, I pivoted the idea to follow the current trends in the app/tech world. The idea to find people who like the same music came up, it had everything a potential user would want, meeting new people, being able to chat with them, etc.”

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When you download the app, it prompts you to create a profile, from where you can look for other users that you share musical interests with. This app can be super useful at concerts, especially if you’re looking for a friend to festival-hop with. The app/community is also a great way to meet people who share your critical views on certain performances and acts.

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