Step aside Tinder and Hinge, ‘Glance’ is here to make your festival experience much more memorable. 

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A brand new app in the dating space has emerged. Glance is set to be another app designed to making friends at a festival a much less awkward exercise. The online dating space is currently flooded with millions of applications providing profile information based on geography, but Glance has a certain edge to it.  They have already tied up with a Dutch festival as a testing ground, after which they will be looking at a worldwide launch.

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You can now discover events near you, attend to see who’s going and anonymously like their activity. This basically means no more awkwardness in terms of breaking the ice, with the event you’re at actually being the common ground for a conversation to begin. Although it functions the same way Tinder and other dating apps do, Glance claims that their information is entirely event based and much more relevant than it’s predecessors.