It’s that time of the year. The time, Supersonic descends upon Goa for four days of incredible electronic music and more!

The upcoming Vh1 Supersonic is the formulaic music festival guaranteed to give music fans the most amazing week possible. With an enviably strong lineup, and a slate of nouveaux activities planned to give fans the most exclusive experience in Goa for four days from the coming Sunday. And The Sherp has a lowdown on everything that can be absorbed and loved at Goa’s Candolim Beach during this year’s Supersonic. Read up and be prepped.

Candolim Beach in Goa will come alive

This Sunday onward, four days of Candolim Beach will see most of the action unfurl in Goa, where the festival of Supersonic will bring to the beach’s sunny sands state of the art stages, spectacular assortment of electronic music, and an array of activities that will make you stay all night long. While Candolim does happen to be one of the most popular beach fronts in North Goa, Supersonic’s presence only amplifies the time spent at the Beach.


(Source: Ashish Parmar | Supersonic Facebook)

You are the Theme

Just like every year, this year’s Supersonic is centred around YOU – you, being the ultimate Supersonic Family. The enthusiasts who, year after year, comes to Supersonic for everything it has to offer. Sure, the festival has great music, and grand production, but this year, it’s you they’re looking to make happy. And trust us, Supersonic has a lot in store to make that happen.

(Source: Ashish Parmar | Supersonic Facebook)

You are Supersonic’s new host

One of the coolest activities this year will let members of the Supersonic Family be in front of the camera and take over at VJs for the Vh1 Supersonic Live Stream. During this year’s festival, Vh1 Supersonic and Jim Beam Music CDs have in plan, a special VJ Hunt. All a Supersonic fan needs to do is send Vh1 Supersonic a 30 second video showcasing your VJ skills. The selected winner, after a week of training, will get to host the festival’s Live Stream.

(Source: Ashish Parmar | Supersonic Facebook)

HungamaSuperBus road trip for the ultimate Supersonic fan

If getting to be the host of the Supersonic Live Stream movie is fancy, then wait, there’s more. This year, Vh1 Supersonic and Hungama have for you a digital contest, where selected winners get to hop on to the HungamaSuperBus road trip. The bus that leaves from two cities – Mumbai and Bangalore will have a lot of fun packed in as the bus takes you right to the festival destination.

(Source: Ashish Parmar | Supersonic Facebook)

The Vh1 Supersonic app

This year’s Supersonic experience is not just bound to get extremely entertaining but it will also be incredibly savvy. Supersonic will not just be around you, but also in your phone, as with the Supersonic app, available on Android and Apple phones both, will keep you up-to-date with Supersonic proceedings as the event goes on. With the app, you’ll be able to be the-know-all of everything, from the after-parties to the lineup at the stage you’re standing at. Not just that, the app extends to beyond the music festival, letting you discover artists and be updated on dance music festivals from around the world.

Festival Sherpa - APP

Indulge at the Jim Beam bars

Drinking at Supersonic will be worth all the coolth, what with Jim Beam having a lounge-ish designated bar arena for you to kick back for some much needed chill. This year, allow yourself to step away from the sandy confines of the stage area for a drink that will bring to you the doubly fused experience of a lounge arena at a beach music festival.

(Source: Ashish Parmar | Supersonic Facebook)

Be ready to be impressed by the stage production

Supersonic has said it, Nikhil Chinapa has said it, and we say it again. This year’s Supersonic stages will blow your mind. With aesthetic stage designs to awe-inspiring grandiose to engineering that will make the visual and aural devotee happy in equal measure, Supersonic stages and their artistic module will make sure you never step away from the ongoing music. It’s truly as audio-visual as it can get.


(Source: Ashish Parmar | Supersonic Facebook)

The diverse Supersonic Lineup

This year’s Supersonic Lineup extends across the length and breadth of the electronic music spectrum. From house masters to techno geniuses to psychedelic trance, no attendee at Supersonic will be left disappointed. And the lineup is proof of the same. From house genius Axwell to progressive Grammy-winning duo Disclosure, to techno wiz Adam Beyer, to dance music favourites Zedd, along with homegrown talent, this year’s Supersonic is stocked with names that will get every die-hard electronic music fan happy.


Awakenings at Supersonic

Amsterdam’s techno property Awakenings will be hosting its first ever stage in India, at Supersonic this year. The esteemed electronic property has, annually, been the main draw at the world’s most respected electronic conference Amsterdam Dance Event. The organisation brings together a plethora of groundbreaking electronic and techno artists for colossal events every year. And giving Indian fans a taste of the brilliance is Supersonic 2015. With massive names such as Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Maceo Plex, Joris Voorn, Green Velvet, and many more international acts you can check out here, the Awakenings stage at Supersonic is definitely one to watch out for.

Supersonic raises a toast to the environment

Much like every year, this year will see Supersonic establish its commitment to the environment, with regular water stations around the festival arena, where attendees can refill their bottles and their thirst for free. Given the number of plastic bottles that go to waste at every music festival around the world, this is the need of the hour and we truly commend Supersonic for doing that.