The Sherp looks at how the year of 2015 will see Bacardi be your favourite indulgence at Bacardi NH7 Weekender. Apart from the music, of course.


Bacardi NH7 Weekender is today tantamount with bringing the freshest music to enthusiasts. So much so, that over the last several years, several things about the festival that Weekender fans love and wait for have become extensions of the event, itself. The music is a no-brainer, but other Weekender offerings such as wrist bands, weekender vibes, flea market and the ferris wheel are absolute Weekender memorabilia, adding to the multi-faced Weekender experience. Of them, the Bacardi buckets have been crowd favourites since forever, and why wouldn’t they be? Every year, Bacardi – the festival’s title sponsor has been consistently putting out the best display from its end, as worthy accompaniments to the music on stage.

And this year, they are bound to get even quirkier!

To make sure that you have the most memorable Weekender experience, Bacardi has planned for you a slate of fun activities. Read on to find out what cannot be missed.

Hop onto the Bucket Seats

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with Weekender joy, that you wished you could have an aerial view of it all to soak it in, in entirety? Sure, there is the ferris wheel, but if you’re wishing for a grander seat, then hop on for a view on the Bacardi Bucket Seats. As the name would suggest, modelled on the alcohol bucket you love sporting are giant Bucket Seats around the Bacardi Arena, that you can climb onto for some airy moments of fun, while holding onto your personal bucket. Bucket-ception right there! With spiral staircases that lead you right to the top, the Bacardi Seats would definitely be the new favourite hanging spot for Weekender fans!

bacardi3(Image Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)

Join the Jug-Mug-Pug Family

Last year, Bacardi and OML came together with an idea, that was not just an instant hit with the fans, but also a laudable move from their end. In a bid to go plastic free, Bacardi introduced the aluminium alcohol mugs last year. Fans at the festival can grab onto their own Bacardi mug that comes with a clipper, and not just use it throughout the festival, but they can also take it home as a souvenir. Plus, when you’re not drinking, it can be fancily clipped on to your bag, or your pants. It’s a double whammy, if you ask us. You’re serving your bit for the environment, and you get your own Weekender relic.

The Bacardi mugs were everyone’s favourite toy at the festival, becoming an iconic symbol for the vibe of Weekender itself. Everyone, alcoholic or not, had not just the mug, but a selfie to go with it. You aren’t a true Weekender fan without it. Trust us on that.

bacardi2(Image Courtesy : Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)

For the Shopper in you

The Bacardi Store, powered by popular, kitschy online lode Happily Unmarried, brings to you a wealth of humour, in fun merchandise items, all ready to be bought. When walking away for a break from the stage, indulge your funny bones at the store which will display a range of t-shirts and other artefacts such as bar accessories, visiting card holders, bags, notepads, and many more, all curated for the quintessential Bacardi fan. There will be hilarious, whimsical, not to mention really attractive goodies. You wouldn’t be too sorry spending too much time there (or too much money), trust us on that.

(Images Courtesy : Happily

Kick back at Le Club

If the Bacardi drink in your hand makes you wish you were at a club instead, for even the shortest second, then Le Club will let you chill it out during your outdoorsy Weekender run. The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is considered one of the best outdoorsy music festivals in the country, but coupling that experience with the luxury of indoors is Le Club, a lounge area bang in the middle of the Weekender experience.

greygoose1(Image Courtesy:

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