Over the years, we have all been witness to some A-grade content that has been put out on the internet. Today we take a look at some of those precious gems!

People, in the deepest corner of the world, have tricks up their sleeves that you can’t even fathom. Thanks to the internet, these ‘talented’ individuals have taken the opportunity to display their unique compositions and even more unique music videos. Over the years, a lot of people have stolen the spotlight, for a brief amount of time, by presenting the common man with some form of entertainment (usually atrocious) to make their day. Needless to say, these songs have blown up in grand proportions due to their, how do we put this, questionable content.

These songs have etched their names in history books and have gone down as memorable contributions by the composer for the greater good of mankind and, for that, we are truly grateful. Let’s have a look at these memorable numbers:

1. Taher Shah – Eye To Eye

The true king of WTF, Taher Shah dropped this beautiful, soulful track back in 2013. It sent him viral and how! ‘Eye To Eye’, with its deep lyrics, multi-layered facets and depth, made the world wonder about, well, their eyes. We’re sure a friend might have tagged you in this ages ago, but give it a listen, for old time’s sake. 

2. Bhojpuri Spiderman

We have no idea who was the actual brain behind this genius, but KUDOS! What better way to emulate your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger than to put him in a field somewhere in UP next to a chick in a lehenga? So basically Spidey falls for a girl somewhere deep in rural Bihar. Totally legit! Take in the atrocity, the costumes, the lyrics and if you haven’t died laughing, then congratulations!

3. Baba Sehgal – Girlfriend Bann Jaa Meri

Baba Sehgal has been on fire lately. He’s been hell-bent on unleashing an endless barrage of songs. These songs tackle day-to-day problems like the non-availability of maids, chicken fried rice, going to the gym etc etc. We’ve just picked one song out of the brilliant lot because we can’t keep up. But if you want to get the ‘Baba’ feel and his unique style of making you head spin, you HAVE to head over to his YouTube channel and see some of his most famous videos. At your own risk though.

4. Bhim Niroula – Sunday Morning Love You

It’s almost impossible to live in India and not have heard of Bhim Niroula’s legendary ‘Sunday Morning Love You’. Nepali born Bhim Niroula is a wealthy banker living in London who wanted to pursue his music career. He should have stuck to accounts. The video features some models ‘shimmy’ing around him, while he shows off some horrific dad-dance moves. The lyrics are of a very complex nature. According to reports, he has also done live concerts. No casualties were reported though. Check out the video. Caution: Extreme close up of nostrils. You have been warned.

5. Jacintha Morris – Suzainne Sinner

What started out as a song and a video for a noble cause, slowly spiraled into a viral sensation. Jacintha Morris initially made the video with the sole intent of spreading a message about ageism and sexism. The lyrics are something that will make you cringe for sure and the creepy middle-aged uncles in the back are of no help to the video whatsoever. The whole song is basically a cringe fest from start to end!

6. Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life

In this world, some people should just not be allowed to sing, for the greater good of humanity. One of them is bad-ass extraordinaire Vennu Mallesh. The auto tune, the weird chick who sings in the back, the AMAZING lyrics and the idiots behind the studio panels – everything just contributes to the amalgamation of talent this song is. The video became an internet sensation and garnered 7 million hits, which sadly motivated him to make more songs. RIP humanity. We won’t say much, just listen to it and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

BONUS: Angel- Taher Shah

We don’t think the above dose was strong enough, so we have one last knock out punch waiting for you. Luckily enough for you, Taher Shah thought ‘Eye To Eye’ wasn’t cancerous enough and came out with another single this year titled ‘Angel’! He dresses up as a brinjal with wings in the video surrounded by angels. Sigh. Just listen to it and try to survive!

Forgive us, we love you!