This three day pirate-themed rave looks like all kinds of phenomenal.

We at Festival Sherpa take pride in introducing our readers to the weirdest, strangest and yet, unsung and underrated festivals from the shiftiest crevices of the world. Ergo, we love discovering new festivals. And we love enthusing about them to you. Here’s this week’s fix of quirky for you.

The Pirate Party takes place at Lolo Hot Springs, and is one of the most unique and genuinely fun festivals we’ve come across. Take a glimpse at these spectacular things the festival has to offer.


The Location

The Pirate Party makes port right next to Lolo Hot Springs, with the Bitterroot Mountains providing an extraordinary backdrop of dense, green forests and towering rocks. This location serves as the best atmosphere for the festival, with the perfect amalgamation of enigma and mystery. Laser lights and neon visuals light up the pirate camps as the party commences.



The Theme/Costumes

One of the greatest differentiating factors of this festival is the cosplay. Perhaps cosplay is too marginal a term, we’re basically talking about an adult costume party with some astonishingly brilliant costumes and enthusiasm. Over a thousand attendees in pirate costumes talking in faux-pirate accents with eye patches and fake parrots on their shoulders renders the costumes and the central theme of this festival one of the most engaging elements of the festival.


The Art

Not a music and arts festival for namesakes, The Pirate Party does have a psychedelic display of paintings from indie artists. Check some of them out below.



The Live Performances

The Pirate Party features an array of live performers, from your conventional underground DJs to eccentric fire-breathers. It’s an unsung platform for the performing arts. This year’s Party lineup features artists like Dieselboy, Getter, Tomsize, Gates (live), Wick-it and many more. There are a multitude – seriously – of VIP packages available on their website. This is one festival that must be on your festival radar for next year.

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The Pirate Party is lighting up the Bitterroot Mountains today, so if you’re in or around Lolo Hot Springs from today to Sunday, make sure you check this idiosyncratic festival out. Visit their official Facebook page here.