Boom in Portugal is the kind of coming of age of psytrance festival you need in your life.

Held on top of a hill in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal Boom Festival is a haven for psytrance lovers. Boom is held every two years and the festival is replete with a variety of music performances, art exhibits and holistic workshops. To sum it up aptly, it’s a state of mind. It works on the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love. It is a space for an individual to blossom and nourish himself fully.

Why Boom?

Because it is a festival that has stayed true to its values. It’s completely free of sponsorships and any such commercialisation. This gives the festival the freedom to grow and educate at its own pace, without suffocating direction. The main focus of the Boom Festival is to integrate a sustainability ethos with arts and culture to provide a transformational experience for everyone who visits.

It’s just a very different kind of vibe. Police presence and security is quite minimal, just enough to keep things in check. Though drugs being sold on the festival grounds is frowned up, anyone actually caught doing it is just politely asked to leave. In fact, the festival always makes sure that they facilitate a drug information stand, where patrons can go and test their drugs out. In the age of music festivals foolishly thinking a ban on drugs will solve the issue of drug-related deaths, this is a refreshing move.

The music

(Credits: Boom Festival)

Though mainly a psytrance festival, the music here has so much more to offer. They have four stages in total; Dance Temple, Alchemy Circle, Sacred Fire and the Chill Out Gardens. The Dance Temple showcases the powerful sound of the best organic trance and electronic psytrance. The newest stage, the Alchemy Circle, is the place to discover fresh sounds, outrageous styles, unexpected rhythms, and the merging of electronic sounds you would have never thought possible. The Sacred Fire stage is dedicated to the promotion of acoustic music and community life in contact with nature.

It’s absolutely beautiful

(Credits: Boom Festival)

Yes, the fact that it situated on a hilltop helps. Mesmerising views that surround it from all sides also help. But what is probably the most beautiful part of the festival is its vibe. Boom is an open-minded gathering of the psychedelic movement. It is much more than just a music festival, though the music has been integral to the success of the festival. The people who attend the festival have so many incredible things to offer, some of which you can experience during the countless art exhibitions and workshops.

It’s #CampingGoals

(Credits: Boom Festival)

The festival is a camping event, so make sure you stock up well. But even if you don’t the festival campsite is pretty comfortable. Free water is available on site and there is plenty of food available for purchase in the restaurant area and Boom grocery store. Prices are very reasonable as they are monitored by the event organisers. The supermarket is well-equipped with fresh food including fruit and vegetables. Camp close to the lake so you can head out for early morning/late night dips to cool off!