The Boston Butt brings to you the finest, at their Blues, Brews & Barbeque Fest this first week of July!

The Boston Butt, a quaint and unique eatery located in the historic bylanes of Fort, makes your festive July week all the more eventful! The Blues, Brews & Barbeque Fest, held from 2nd July to 8th July, by The Boston Butt, is the city’s hippest feast to celebrate Independence Week in accordance with the US’s Fourth of July festivities.

The Boston Butt is India’s ‭1st Smokery,‭ ‬Charcuterie Bar Cafe and has catered a truly enjoyable lineup of food, drinks and music performances by the Sarthak Swami Collective, who will pay tribute to the greatest American bands over the weeklong festival at the Boston Butt. Check out the entire tribute gig schedule below:

On the platter, you will be privy to some of the best culinary delicacies that are inspired by the American cuisines, so expect charred and smoky goodiness! South Carolina style maple mustard bbq glaze smoked baby back pork rib rack, Bourbon & SmokedChili glaze chicken and Ghost pepper spiked mad hot chicken wings, buttermilk batter fried onion rings are few of the scrumptious delicacies to chew on. Pair it with some tasteful alcohol such as Jim Beam Bourbon for as cheap as INR 82 plus taxes or, White Owl Brews at INR 115 plus taxes.

Credits: Chrom Media

The Blues, Brews and Barbeque Fest is a weeklong celebration of the best of the culinary world and happens all day. The timings for the Blues tribute gigs are from 9pm onwards. So, what we’re saying is, ditch the ordinary after office plan and take your special ones to The Boston Butt for a guaranteed experience of relish!

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