Take the off-beat path at the Off Beat Festival in Varkala on 25th November.

If you’ve had just about enough of the overcrowded, blaring loud music concerts and are looking for something a little more relaxing and pristine, then this festival is the right thing for you! Who doesn’t love a nice sunny weekend at the beach? Pair that with some relaxing music and good vibes in one of India’s pristine tourist hubs, and you have yourself a party!

The Off Beat Festival is slated to take place at Varkala in Kerala at a seaside cafe called Chillout Cafe on November 25th. Featuring a live band delivering reggae and the blues (whose bus also converts into a stage for their performance! :O), and a lineup of 3 DJs, this is your ideal Sunday chillout plan. Sip on some cocktails, take in the breeze and let loose in Varkala at the Off Beat Festival.

Last year, the festival had 4 editions in total, and this year they aim to do the same with events spanning from November through February. 

Follow them on Facebook here, and the event page here, for more information.

Stay tuned to the Sherp for more details.