Bringing the magic to cities across the globe!

Creamfields is set for a massive year with their entire global schedule revealed! This year, the festival is set to venture into China as a part of the 10 shows planned until the year’s end, that includes Taiwan and Hong Kong. They even have a new show scheduled for 2018 in the mainland China and will be returning to Australia after a 4-year hiatus. Their first show will be taking place in Melbourne and South America, with dates also sorted for Chile, Uruguay, and Peru. 

Credits: Escapism Magazine

Back in 2000, Creamfields staged their first International event in Ireland; the success of which was followed by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Paraguay, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Peru, Ibiza, Mallorca, Malta  and Abu Dhabi, to name a few.

The next edition will be Creamfields UK which will take place on August 24th. Check out the entire schedule for the upcoming global editions below:

Creamfields UK – 24th– 27th August

Creamfields Uruguay – 10th November

Creamfields Peru – 11 th November

Creamfields Chile – 12th November

Creamfields Melbourne –  26th November

Creamfields Hong Kong – 15th& 16th December *

Creamfields Taiwan – 17th December  *

Check out Creamfields’ official Facebook page hereYou can check out their website here.