Cannabis Cup (held every November) happens to be Amsterdam’s most famous and popular festival that promotes the personal cultivation and use of marijuana. This five day event will take you on a tour through the world of weed


Founded back in 1987 by an American activist, Steven Hager (who has been a pretty strong advocate for the legalization of marijuana), Cannabis Cup is what we’d call a modern day harvest festivity where stoners and hemp enthusiasts unite to  experience and learn about their favourite past time.

Owing to it’s pretty lackadaisical drug laws, it was only apt for Amsterdam to host the event.

At Cannabis Cup you can experience marijuana, like how you can experience luxury goods at a luxury goods expo. Visitors are encouraged to sample the various variations and ‘products’ of weed, and can also sit as judges in a ‘best category’ competition. Pretty neat huh?

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Apart from that, be privy to special seminars where participants and speakers exchange ideas and opinions on the legalization of the drug and also how marijuana can help some attain a more spiritual existence.

Also, with your judges pass you get entry into seminars, ceremonies and gigs, including an awesome Cannabis Cup T-shirt.


Coffeeshops that sell more than just coffee

Don’t miss out on a coffee-shop crawl around the best coffeeshops in the city. You can get an itemized booklet at the expo with information on each coffee-shop and it’s ‘specialities’.

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Explore the cultural history and significance of Hemp at a museum specifically dedicated to all forms of marijuana

Rest assured, you’d be surprised by its colourful history.

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The canal tour is a must

Get high and cruise through 150 canals in the city. Sounds positively delightful, no?

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Don’t miss 4:20 open mic sessions!

Every day of the festival, at 4:20 pm join an open mic session to talk about weed, god and everything in between.

Cannabis_Cup_World_Reggae_CC_httpflic.krphUZ6QM - 06(Image Courtesy : Worldareggae/flickr)

Coincidentally, Cannabis Cup has some amazing food to feed your munchies

At Cannabis Cup you will find an array delicious deep fried, baked and sweet treats that can satiate your hunger pangs.