As a festival that officially closes the UK festival season, Bestival is a 4-day boutique extravaganza known for its beautiful location, exciting music and an overall great vibe.

Being the brainchild of Rob Da Bank and his wife Josie, in the course of 10 years, Bestival has grown from a 10,000 to 60,000 strong festival that features an eclectic mix of EDM, indie, soul, funk and pop.The entire event is famous for its personal touch in elaborate stage designs, festival grounds and individual events.

Before this year’s version kicks off tomorrow, here are a few interesting facts about the festival


1. It’s on an island

Yes, on the beautiful Isle of Wight, to be precise. It is a short boat ride away from SouthamptonPortsmouth or Lymington. Every September, dozens of revellers catch ferries to this escapist paradise to be part of the massively popular festival, held at the Robin Hill Country Park a.k.a Desert Island Disco.

isle of wight

2. Bestival has 18 stages

Once you take that charming ferry ride to the Island and chance upon the festival site, you will be left spoilt for choice. The festival features a whopping 18 stages of live music, music and non-music entertainment. The non-music entertainment is almost a festival in its own right, with some activities remaining a permanent fixture at the festival, whereas others are sometimes one-offs or acts that go and come back.

3. Costumes are imperative to the festival

Turning costume-less up at Bestival might just be the biggest mistake of your life. The tradition is taken so seriously, that the festival organisers holding a Fancy Dress Parade every single year. In 2010 they earned themselves a Guinness World Record for having the most people in costume at a single event. There are even workshops held specifically on costume-making on the festival site.

Bestival costumes1

(Image Courtesy: Bestival)

Bestival costumes2

(Image Courtesy: Bestival)

4. It’s a giant adult carnival!

Big top tent events, marching bands, burlesque performers, costume parades – all while your favourite music acts are playing can give you the sense that you’re at one big, noisy, happy carnival.

bestival carnival

(Image Courtesy: Bestival)

 5. They just built the World’s Largest Disco Ball and the people for Guinness World Records are invited!

After being challenged by Nile Rodgers, festival creator, Rob Da Bank recently announced the festival’s successful attempts at making the World’s Largest Disco Ball. The current record for the Largest Disco Ball is 9.98 metres and their attempt to beat the record at 10 metres has been met! The people of Guinness World Records will be attending the festival to make it official.


(Image Courtesy: Bestival)

6. The Legendary Elton John chose Bestival make his first festival comeback

Bestival Elton John

 (Image Coutesy: Bestival)

7. Disability access

Bestival is truly a festival for everyone with its many provisions for the disabled like a Disability access camp-site and car-park. At Bestival grounds, you’ll also find the Breastival Mother and Child Chill Out Zone, a separate quiet zone, where mothers can nurse.

8. The Organizers founded A Greener Festival Alliance to bring to light the various ways festival-goers can reduce environmental damage to festival locations.



(Image Courtesy: Bestival)