The legendary Hollywood composer will craft the festival’s 10th anniversary theme track, and it sounds beautiful.

When a festival marks its 10th year anniversary the soundtrack needs to be top tier, and snagging an Oscar-winning music and film producer to create the score is some way to make a lasting imprint.


Hans Zimmer, who will also score the forthcoming Batman-Superman movie, is a renowned composer whose crafted music for films such as The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean, but coming into the music festival domain is something fairly new to the German producer and we welcome him with open arms

The festival approached Zimmer to compose a classical piece that would embody the “mystical, magical” aspects the festival is known for, and whose award-winning scores are infused with similarly spiritual qualities. He recorded the original piece in Air Studios in London, where he had previously recorded soundtracks for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code and The Dark Knight.  The hymn will premiere this summer and serve as the official soundtrack of Tomorrowland moving forward.

Tomorrowland is a known quantity to me,” he says. “And after 10 years, I think they deserve something decent for their anniversary. It should be culturally diverse and somehow represent the whole world. The hymn is about bringing different cultures together, and all the things that make us different are actually the things we should be celebrating.”

The piece will premiere at this year’s sold-out festival, which runs from July 18-20 and July 25-27. Here’s a sneak peek into the making: