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The wait was a bittersweet one for Mumbai, as it was the last city of the Group Therapy India tour. But we patiently lay in wait for the first Group Therapy the city would witness.

There was a time. There was a place. It was the most anticipated Sunday in November Mumbai was looking forward to. Thousands of fans of Above & Beyond flocked to the lush green Kamalistan Studio. The Sherp was thrilled to catch up with some of them before they entered the ground. We met excited young boys and girls who had, just a few hours earlier, seen their idol Tony at Jack & Jones and were flaunting his autograph!

It’s safe to say that Submerge had arranged the perfect evening for their fans, because those not too big on the trance and ‘Anjuna’ scene were ardently awaiting Seven Lions’ set. The moment Jeff Montalvo a.k.a. Seven Lions came on stage, there was a colossal switch in the evening climate. Mumbai never went so berserk before. Like many of you said – “he completely tore the stage apart!” – The Sherp is inclined to agree. As for the crowd, they just wanted to dance!

[Image courtesy: Submerge]


Sherp’s Revelation #1:

Fiora is one of the most versatile vocalists. After having heard her collaborations with Armin van Buuren & Markus Schulz over the years, listening to ‘Days To Come’ is so refreshing. That moment when Seven Lions dropped it live can only be described as DIVINE!

8 p.m. Heaps of hearts in the crowd stopped. The lights went dim, and voices chanted in unison ‘ABOVE & BEYOND!’ Many of the thousands were about to get their first glimpse of Tony & Paavo. What followed was two hours of blissful therapy. Paavo opened his laptop and began typing beautiful messages for all of us – something we all were really eager to witness (and capture on our phones!)

[Image courtesy: Submerge]


Sherp’s Revelation #2:

Paavo is extremely adorable, and we totally get it why you ladies are so smitten by him!

The charismatic duo began Mumbai’s first Group Therapy with Mat Zo’s The Sky, followed by Arty’s mesmerizing Hey Now. Occasions when the crowd went absolutely delirious? When they dropped Walter White, Alchemy, Holding On, Black Room Boy, tracks from their upcoming album like Sticky Fingers and Mariana Trench, their remix of Delerium’s Underwater featuring the vocals of Indian singer Rani and Sun & Moon (of course!)

Fans had come with the most creative signs that asked if they could ‘push the button’ – something every Anjunabeats fan dreams of doing one day! Like most of you, we expected Tony to pick a girl from the crowd to ‘push the button’. But much to our surprise, Tony walked ahead of the decks and pulled out a boy! And there it was – the hair-raising and heart-stopping moment the crowd was waiting for. Confetti cannons blew up the clear black sky as the acoustic variant of Sun & Moon began to play.

[Image courtesy: Submerge]


Sherp’s Revelation #3:

Standing right in the front of the crowd isn’t the most pleasant experience, but if you’re a devout fan, IT IS WORTH THE TROUBLE!

This was The Sherp’s first Group Therapy experience. Before that day, everyone had been describing it to us as ‘magical’. We have to admit – when two musical geniuses are on stage, true magic is born! Above & Beyond have touched our hearts. A Group Therapy hails no comparison and is one of the most beautiful things you will experience!

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Sherp’s Revelation #4:

Although it’s the most breathtaking moment, not everyone cries when they end their set with the acoustic version of ‘On A Good Day’. You will be surprised to find yourself tearing up to the track you can most identify with.


P.S. Jono Grant was dearly missed! Next time (which we hope is soon!) India wants to see all three of you together!

Stay tuned for Festival Sherpa’s exclusive video interview with Tony & Paavo AND a surprise video for YOU!