This brilliant garage electronic duo is making its way to India next year, and they’ve made a whole lot dreams come true with just one tweet.

In reply to a tweet asking someone to bring the duo to India, they said this:

Bringing together house, garage and a solid bass, Gorgon City is the perfect artist for a party. Their sleek, mid tempo sound is a testament to the influence of the jungle, house, grime, hip-hop and garage music they heard growing up. Individually known as Foamo and RackNRuin, the North London producers gained recognition when they put their heads together. They are probably best known for their 2014 single “Ready For Your Love”.

gorgon1(Image via:

We don’t know if they’re coming for a festival, but we hope they spend a good amount of time touring all our favourite cities! Keep your eye on The Sherp for more updates on this front.

Meanwhile, listen to this super-groovy track: