GoPro India and White Collar Hippie, along with retail partner Reliance Digital, to bring to you the uber-cool GoPro Passport!

Rewind back to the weekend of October 27-28th, The Sherp was at the launch of GoPro’s all new GoPro Passport program. Known around the world as the leading brand for high-octane action photography and more, GoPro unleashed the new GoPro Hero 6 Black that, combined with the QuikStories feature on the GoPro app, lets you create and document the best of your travel experiences in just minutes.

GoPro India, in association with offbeat travel organisers, White Collar Hippie, and partnering with retail partner Reliance Digital, bring a whole new experience to travellers with the uber-cool GoPro Passport program. The official launch of the program was held at the famous camping grounds of White Collar Hippie called Bandcamp, that rests about an hour away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The launch event had the Sherp gaping in awe at the versatility and awesomeness that the all new GoPro Hero 6 Black delivers. Purchase the all-new GoPro Hero 6 here.

What Is The GoPro Passport Program?


Apart from sounding like a really cool, exclusive access feature, here’s really what the GoPro Passport is all about. The GoPro Passport is a unique initiative by GoPro and White Collar Hippie, exclusively for Reliance Digital customers. The program encourages travellers to embark on offbeat experiences while being a member of a growing community and documenting their travel journeys on their GoPro Passport. On purchasing a GoPro from retailers, Reliance Digital, the customer is eligible to join the GoPro Passport program. What’s more? On each journey, you get free tips and tricks on using your GoPro and documenting your travels in a hassle-free manner using QuikStories. Learn more about the GoPro Passport program here.

What Went Down At The Launch?

The launch of the GoPro Passport program was held at the idealistic location of Bandcamp, at the U-Tan Sea Resorts, off Gorai Beach. The two-day launch program saw GoPro enthusiasts and media personnel attending the event. Held as an overnight camping experience with a list of activities lined up, the event had us excited for more and got us completely hooked to the all-new GoPro Hero 6.

The event began with a 2 pm reporting time to the venue, on Friday, October 27th. Although, the Sherp himself only made it to the venue post 8 pm, owing to the long journey through a jam-packed city. The event began with a check-in to the campsite and a quick refreshener, where the attendees were briefed about the features and uses of the GoPro Hero 6 Black. Following an interesting and informative brief, everyone was escorted to a scenic bicycle ride along a 9km stretch of the fishing village of Uttan and Gorai. This allowed everyone to unleash their photography skills with the GoPro Hero 6 Black, while riding their way through some of the most scenic routes.

A starry and breezy evening followed after the return to the campsite, where the Sherp finally joined the proceedings. A crackling barbecue awaited us at Bandcamp, for the famished demons within us! The evening continued with the screening of the most interesting videos that were documented through the day, using the GoPro Hero 6 with QuikStories. The QuikStories feature lets you effortlessly create niche documentaries of your travel experiences. It is as simple as uploading the videos/photos you want, and watch QuikStories do the magic. Furthermore, you could connect your GoPro camera to the app on your phone, and QuikStories automatically picks the best of your media to give you a memorable video in the end complete with music and effects. 

One of the movies screened, shot by contributor Vir Nakai:


Following a fun screening, a wonderful music trio serenaded the crowd with a groovy setlist of songs. A scrumptious dinner was served that filled us up to our heart’s content. Forwarding into the proceedings of the night, a cozy campfire beckoned us for a jam session that went on well into the night before we went back to camp for the night.

The following morning, we set off on an early morning walk to witness the sun rise over the nearby docks. A quick breakfast back at the campsite refuelled us before bidding farewell to a wonderful two days of experiencing the GoPro Hero 6 and its features.

What This Entails For Customers?

The GoPro Hero 6 is a cut above its previous models, loaded with the ability to capture 4K60 and 1080×240 video quality. A super stability feature ensures that your footage is as steady and hi-quality even in the most high-octane action scenarios. The product is waterproof, weather proof and hard-cased to ensure versatile performance in any situation. The GoPro Hero 6 lets you shoot footage underwater upto 33ft.

You can buy the GoPro Hero 6 Black here, for INR 45,000.

The Overall Verdict

The GoPro Hero 6 goes on to demonstrate the versatility and power-packed performance that GoPro is known for. Packed with more powerful features and an easy access QuikStories feature on the GoPro app, the Go Pro Hero 6 is the perfect companion for your travels and action without the burden of carrying a bulky gadget on you.

The GoPro Passport initiative by GoPro and White Collar Hippie along with retail partner Reliance Digital, entails an immersive travel experience with a whole lot of offers for members of the program. Register for the GoPro Passport program here.

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