Move over Ibiza, we’ve got a new festival capital!

Croatia is fast becoming the hub for festivals and music festival culture. Beautiful beaches, warm climate and a vibrant music vibe have made it the perfect spot for music festivals to grow and sculpt a new identity. Here, we take a look at all the reasons why going to a festival in Croatia is better than anywhere else!


Breathtaking? Stunning? We’re running out of adjectives here.


Still not convinced? Look at this:


Croatia has some great beaches and even greater beach festivals. Festivals such as Sonus, Black Sheep Festival, Ultra Europe, Dream Island Festival Hideout and Movement are most popular for their insane beach parties. Think : grooving to sick beats by some of Europe’s biggest DJs next to crystal clear waters soaked in sunshine.

2. The vibe is irreplaceable


Until the 1990’s, Croatia was embroiled in a bloody war for independence. Though it has been only 21 years since it’s victory, the gorgeous country has bounced back and how! The youth of the country are hip, forward and constantly looking to try new things, So are the mostly European tourists who head down here to chill. Croatia is now much more than just a getaway. Croatia can offer a music festival experience that most people do not know they are looking for. People need more than just going to a party destination with clubs and so on, they want an experience. They need to be treated right and Croatia has more than enough to keep everyone entertained at once.

4. Boat parties

With an abundance of beaches, jazzy boat parties are to be expected. Ultra Europe has some of the craziest boat parties in town and you need to register on their site to be able to attend one. These parties take place throughout the day and are extremely popular. But when you have a super boat zooming around crystal clear waters hosting an acclaimed rave party on board, you are bound to receive a lot of attention. Other festivals like Sonus, Movement and Garden Festival are known for their bangin’ boat parties too.

5. Croatian cuisine is da bomb

Croatian wine just might blow your mind. For the equivalent of $3, you’ll get a glass so delicious it would likely cost $20 for something of a similar quality in Vancouver. Croatia has the perfect wine-growing climate, boasts an awesome variety of indigenous and regional grapes, and the quality of what you’re drinking will speak for itself. When it comes to cuisine, Croatia is ingredient-rich, with fresh produce and delicious local seafood in abundance that get Mediterranean cuisine with a twist.

6. History


Croatia will fuel even the most disenchanted traveller with a sense of intrigue, discovery and adventure. Croatia is home to the one of the world’s greatest travellers, Marco Polo, as well as ancient ruins and historical sites. Besides Dubrovnik’s medieval walls, other must-sees include Brijuni National Park, located on a sunny Adriatic island just off the Istrian peninsula. While touring Brijuni National Park, you’ll find the Roman and Byzantine ruins, a 1,600-year-old olive tree and 100-million-year-old dinosaur footprints. Now that’s history.

7. It’s cheaper than everywhere else

(Credits: www.theguardian.com0

And finally, the most important point. Attending a festival in Croatia is much more cost effective than attending festivals anywhere else, say for example the United States. Even when compared to Europe, Croatia offers a much more exotic experience on a considerably smaller budget. This is because travelling and food in the country are quite affordable. Though finding cheap deals around here (especially during festival season) may be a tad difficult, it’s always worth it.

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