God Of War is a massively popular open-world game, and 2018’s God of War was well received by the fans as well as the critics. The next game in the series is God Of War: Ragnarok 2021!

The title of the next game is mere speculation and nothing’s been officially announced yet, but judging by the leaks and the events that will be taking place in the game, God of war: Ragnarok 2021 seems a suitable title.

God Of War (2018) ending

For those who haven’t played the game yet, there’s a big spoiler coming up, so play the story first before reading this.

In God of war 2018, we saw Kratos and his son killing Baldur. His mother Freya watches this and now wants to get revenge by killing Kratos. The next game will probably follow this storyline.

Ragnarok teasers

In April of 2019, a theme for the ps4 made headlines when the wallpaper displayed Kratos and his son in a boat. The boat had some nordic language written on it, some Redditors translated it to “Ragnarok is coming”.

Next, the game director started a thread of tweets in which the first letter of every tweet spelled once again, “Ragnarok is coming”

In September of 2020, the game was finally confirmed at the ps5 showcase event. Text in the teaser says that “Ragnarok is coming” and also a release date which is 2021.

Since then we didn’t get any more teases, but many rumors. But as most of these rumors can be fake we won’t mention them. We can keep speculating but nothing’s confirmed till an official announcement.

God of war a ps5 exclusive?

If God Of War: Ragnarok stays a ps5 exclusive it will be a massive marketing push for the PS5 console. They can also go ahead and launch the game for both the ps4 and ps5 consoles. Or if you’re really optimistic about this situation, they might launch the game on PC as well.

When the director of the game was asked about it, he responded they had not decided yet. But those who own a PS5 will hope they get the game as a PS5 exclusive so as to utilize all the hardware capabilities.

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