Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the 2016 edition of the San Diego Comic Con just concluded and as usual there was a mass release of much awaited trailers at the 4 day geek fest! 

Credits: austin360.com

The Sherp looks into some of the most anticipated trailers that dropped at the SDCC 2016! 

1. Justice League

DC FANS REJOICE! The highly awaited superhero mashups was given a sneak peek intro with a 2 and a half minute orgasmic trailer! We get a look into the bad ass Jason Momoa playing Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. Recruiting them is none other than Gotham cities savior, Batman paired with Wonder Woman played by the ever amazing Gal Gadot. There is no sign of Superman in the trailer, which might be because of how Dawn of Justice ended. Hopefully we get to see Sups soon enough. With The Black Keys “Icky Thump” playing in the background giving it a more punk feel, it’s safe to say that DC is trying to shift its gears into a Marvel-istic style instead of going the usual dark and brooding way. All in all, this is an epic trailer that gives us a look into what will go down in 2017. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!

2. Wonder Woman

Looks like Warner Bros got out all of its big guns and went all out at this years SDCC. Dawn of Justice had a lot of mixed reviews from everyone. Comic book fans loved it, movie lovers hated it. But all of them agreed on one common thing, Wonder Woman was the goddamn showstopper of the entire movie. Which is why, the hype for the stand alone Wonder Woman movie has been so high. And the trailer delivered. The trailer throws some much wanted light on Wonder Woman’s past and her origins. She is the same bad-ass chick we’ve all come to know in the BvS movie. Also starring Chris Pine, the movie has a very Captain America feel to it, because of the period in which it’s set. Also gracing the trailer is the pumping Wonder Woman theme music which just, goosebumps. Hopefully, this lives up to the high expectations!

3. Suicide Squad

Probably the BIGGEST biggie from Warner Bros this year. Slated for an August release, Suicide Squad has all the right elements working in their favor to become the biggest blockbuster of the year. Jared Leto filling in big shoes as the Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot! Phew. The trailer released at Comic Con, was a soundtrack remix of all the major songs that have been used in the film. It opens with Twenty One Pilots’s hit single “Heathens” which has already become a fan favorite. The second track premiered is Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne and Imagine DragonsSucker for Pain” which is a straight out hip-hop track. The last one and the most anticipated one is Skrillex and Rick Ross’s most recent collab “Purple Lamborghini” which is the exact car The Joker drives in the car. We also get to see a mysterious creature wrecking hell on the entire city. The movie has had one of the best marketing campaigns till date, revealing just the right amount of scenes to kick up the excitement! This one is sure to blow our minds!

4. Dr. Strange

When DC is kicking ass, Marvel can’t be far behind. The much anticipated Dr. Strange trailer was also one of the big reveals at the SDCC. It shows us Bendict Cumberbatch living a suave lifestyle before a tragic incident throws him into the most deepest ends of the world. There he learns some mind-bending universe altering techniques which opens up new portals. The VFX on this movie, we must say is OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is sure to remind you of Nolan’s Inception and the world warping effects in it. The mystery of the baddie has also been revealed as Mads Mikkelsen who looks terrifying in the movie. Benedict is about to venture into a whole new world and thankfully he fits in just perfectly. That cape flip at 1:46! Bring on the madness!

5. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Warner Bros, STAAAHPPP! The highly cryptic Fantastic Beasts trailer premiered at SDCC, sending everyone into a whirlwind of emotions! It shows us Eddie Redmayne getting some weird creatures in a suitcase of his, which unfortunately have escaped and he sets out to capture them and save the city, with Colin Farell close on his heels. Along the way, he’s made some new friends and they seem quite shocked with everything that’s happening around. Featuring some kickass Harry Potter music which is sure to give you  the chills, they’ve also amped up the theatrics in terms of VFX. Coming out this Novemeber! “I wanna be a wizard”, every Potter fan ever. 

6. Sherlock

Cumberbatch fans unite! We’ve waited a long time for this. And it still isn’t here, but at least we have a look into the action packed season 4 of Sherlock that comes out next year! We see Moriarty saying “Do you miss me?”, but no actual footage of Moriarty himself. This season looks like it’s going to be more action-packed than the others and has a more darker mood. Sherlock seems to be facing some inner demons of his own and also Mrs Hudson seems savage as ever, which is new. The mystery around the season is very very high, and given the time they’ve kept everyone waiting it’s safe to say that this season might be ground breaking. So we just have to wait patiently for another year. Put on your thinking caps and let the theories flow! 

7. Prison Break


Probably the biggest return to television in a long time and FOX’s biggest hit show, Prison Break makes a return in 2017! Clearly, Michael Scofield isn’t dead and he’s trapped in yet another prison. What’s he doing there? We don’t know. But one thing is for sure, he’s planning on getting out of there ASAP! Dom is gathering forces outside the prison walls to make his escape easier and Sara and his son have also gotten along life without his presence. The suspense on the show has been kept tightly sealed and it is going to deliver some big blows when it drops next year!

8. The Walking Dead

Arguably the biggest cliff hanger of the year, everyone is in a nail-biting frenzy about who Negan’s lethal baseball bat kills! The Walking Dead theories have been forming steadily since the mid-season finale dropped. We still have no clue as to who dies at his hands but we’re sure it’s going to be tragic. There are also some new characters who  have been introduced. We get a look at King Ezekiel and his majestic tiger Shiva. A lot of action seems to go down and a lot of zombies, as usual. Can’t wait to be put out of the misery we’ve all been going through.

9. Marvel’s Luke Cage

Cue Ol’ Dirty Bastards “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, put a huge Luke Cage with a car door kicking people down and taking bullets like a boss and you’ve got a winner show on your hands. Last year, Jessica Jones found a macho sidekick in the mysterious Luke Cage. Netflix then decided to do to a show on him and add to The Defenders roster. Considering Netflix’s recent success with Daredevil and Jessica, this show won’t let fans down!

10. The Defenders

Your dream of seeing all your Netflix heroes come together is not far away! Since Daredevil became the big hit we’ve all come to know, Netflix has been planning on getting the whole Hell’s Kitchen team together to kick some ass. We see a cryptic tease of the Avengers style mashup including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist! With Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” playing in the background and Stick’s voice saying “You think you four can save New York? You can’t even save yourselves”, this is going to get insane! 

11. Iron Fist

Marvel and Netflix come up with yet another comic book franchise, Iron Fist. Although no hard details have been revealed in the trailer, it shows us the protagonist Finn Jones playing Danny Rand aka Iron fist. There are some flashbacks which show his childhood and later on him possibly discovering his strength and new found powers. The show is about to release in 2017! 

12. Snowden

The highly anticipated trailer for Snowden, starring Joseph-Gordon-Levitt in an almost perfect casting dropped at SDCC! Edward Snowden is undoubtedly the biggest names associated with one of the biggest information leaks in history. This movie is bound to be like “The Big Short” but for computer nerds and for anyone who has a penchant for conspiracy theories! Joseph Gordon nails all the right attributes and the persona of Snowden. Releasing this September! 

13. Kong: Skull Island

The Big Giant Gorilla is back and he does not seem happy with intruders on his island. The much awaited Kong made a premiere at SDCC with an all-star cast that includes Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel . Jackson and John Goodman. The movie is being produced by the same people who made Godzilla. Which is why, Kong’s size in the movie is MASSIVE. There are tons of theories popping up that this might be a setup for a Godzilla vs Kong movie. What we wouldn’t give to see that in this lifetime! 

14. King Arthur: Legend of The Sword

Guy Ritchie makes a glorious comeback with the medieval themed fantasy King Arthur! Anyone who is a Guy Ritchie fan, there is a distinct style of cinematography, a slight sprinkle of humor, some beautiful set pieces and mind blowing action. The lead Charlie Hunnman plays Arthur an underdog who sees a journey from the streets to the throne. Along his way, he has to face his worst enemies. The cast sees a wide range of actors from Jude Law, Eric Bana and even a cameo by Ritchie’s favorite David Beckham! This is surely going to be a visual treat!

15. Game of Thrones

Calm down! This isn’t a trailer for the seventh season. That wouldn’t be possible would it? Last but not the least, the biggest and the baddest of them all, Game of Thrones teased eager fans with a production tease which shows various technicians putting together sets, costumes, weapons and SCRIPTS together for the start of the next season. Every GOT fan is undoubtedly facing a withdrawal after the epicness of the last season. There is still a years time for the next season to grace us. Until then, watch this and just be patient!