Following the ban on the sale of Native American headdresses at the festival, Glastonbury officials may have to deal with another petition 

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If you’ve stayed at the Glastonbury camp site, you might be familiar with the beautiful tents you resided in. A new petition, this time calling for tipis to be banned at Glastonbury Festival, has started on the same website that started the petition against Native American headdresses. Though this new campaign seems to lack the intensity of the headdress issue.

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The petition vaguely states:

“The use in festival camping fields belittles the historic Native American Indians symbolism a tee pee holds”

It is unlikely the future of tipis are under threat at the festival though. All of the Native American-themed tents in the Tipi Village sold out for this year’s festival and have proven to be popular attractions. Also considering the fact that each Tipi Village camper has paid about INR 60,000 for the five nights with access to the village’s compost toilet, showers, cafe and communal fire, the eventual ban seems like a real longshot.

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Other items on the list of things traders need permission from Glastonbury Festival to sell include: alcohol, cigarettes, candle flares, mobile phone charging, flags, gazebos and anything that says ‘Glastonbury Festival‘on it or carries the festival logo. Next year’s Glastonbury is rumored to be headlined by the likes of Fatboy Slim, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac and Depeche Mode and the hype around the festival reflected in its ticket sales which sold out in under half an hour earlier this month.


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