There are serious safety concerns over a gas pipe running under the festival venue.

There’s a huge gas pipeline that comes down from Noth England and goes to Torquay, that runs right through the venue of the festival. The Mendip District Council and gas technicians have expressed concern that its a serious safety hazard, especially since the festival is so massive. Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis doesn’t know if they’ll have to move just yet, but he has already earmarked a back-up location “about 20 miles up the road”, should they be forced to.

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“We’re supposed to stop people dancing on the pipe, which is a pretty impossible thing to do. They say that if they are all dancing on the pipe at the same time they could fracture it,” he says. “I hope I don’t have to do that [move] because the festival is really about the farm and Glastonbury and the vale of Avalon – all the mystery and legends of the area. So it wouldn’t be quite the same if we had to move it away for the sake of the gas pipe. But you never know.” The same thing happened with T in The Park in Scotland last year,a nd they were forced to move to a different location.

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