For all those wishing to spend Glastonbury by having their insides hurt with laughing, the festival may have taken away the major catalyst enabling the same. In a recent announcement, the festival has banned nitrous oxide, that is laughing gas, from the premises.

What may sound disappointing is in fact a great move by the organisers as nitrous oxide remains a serious pollutant to the atmosphere, an extremely harmful greenhouse gas. Plus, it was also the cause of explosion of a canister at the festival last year, which caused serious injury. The gas was often used in the festival’s King’s Meadow area, which is known as ‘the sacred place’. Almost two tonnes of canisters were picked up last year alone.

To be fair, The Sherp thinks that with the great line-up and fun awaiting attendees at Glastonbury 2015 this year, one needs no enablers for fun! And if the environment stays relatively cleaner in the process, we hoot for it.

ay113089605festival-goes-fi(image credits: Anthony Devlin / PA Wire)