Glastonbury 2022 was a massive success. After a two-year hiatus, the festival returned in June and was just as incredible as ever. We’re looking forward to Glastonbury 2023 and are excited to see how it pans out. Here’s a look at what we know about next year’s festival and what the future may hold for Glastonbury.

Dates and Tickets

Glastonbury 2023 is scheduled from Wednesday to Sunday, 21 to 25 June.  As is customary, the three headline acts will each play the Pyramid Stage on different nights: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Prices for Glastonbury 2023 will increase, according to  The figure includes the ticket’s cost of £335 plus a compulsory £5 booking fee. What riled many potential attendees was not just that the price had gone up but that it had increased by a staggering £70. The last time tickets went on sale – for the 2020 show, which ended up getting postponed to 2022 – the price was £270. The cost included £265 for the event and the £5 booking fee.

Even though there were some negative headlines about the price jumping up by £70, tickets still managed to sell out very quickly. There were some technical hitches when they went on sale, but there was a scramble to get them. Demand still outweighed supply. Therefore, it’s clear people will happily pay £340 to attend the festival.

Even if there are future price increases, there will still be more than enough demand for the tickets to sell out. However, it remains to be seen just how costly the tickets can become before the demand takes a downward turn.

Headliners and Other Acts

It’s typical for the full Glastonbury line-up to be confirmed in May, just a few weeks before the festival begins. That being said, many names are announced in the run-up to the final announcement, and there are always rumours swirling.

With Glastonbury 2023 still over half a year away, no acts have been confirmed yet. Some big names rumoured for the coveted headline slot on the Pyramid Stage include Elton John, Guns N’ Roses, Arctic Monkeys, and Harry Styles. Some other acts rumoured to be performing include Pulp, The 1975, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, and Blur.

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The Future of Glastonbury

It’s safe to say that Glastonbury is here to stay. As mentioned earlier, the lack of festivals in 2020 and 2021 forced organisers to increase the ticket price to £340. The increase occurred for two reasons: to make up for lost revenue and to cover the rise in general costs. There were concerns about its future, but the demand is still there. Hence, it’s very likely indeed that Glastonbury isn’t going anywhere.

And what about the acts? In its early days, Glastonbury was known as more of a rock ‘n’ roll festival. These days, however, it’s broadened its horizons, and acts that perform are much more diverse in their music than in previous years. For example, Jay Z became the first rapper to headline the Pyramid Stage in 2008 – you can read our review of this at His set paved the way for fellow rappers Kanye West, Stormzy, and Kendrick Lemar to do the same.


Glastonbury 2023 will be just as enjoyable for those lucky enough to get tickets as this year’s festival. Despite the rain and mud, people can’t get enough of heading to Pilton for the hugely popular festival, which is seen as a staple of British culture. Though the road has been a bit rocky in recent years, things are firmly back on track, and Glastonbury’s future looks very bright.