Following the death of a 67 – year old woman on Day 1, another man loses his fight with illness after overdosing on the drug Ketamine.

glastonbury inside

In spite of enforcing a strict anti drug policy, Glastonbury witnessed a tragic drug overdose casualty after the festival ended this past week.

A 26-year-old man has died after falling ill at Glastonbury festival, after having an adverse reaction to taking the drug ketamine. He died in hospital this morning with his family at his bedside, police said. He has not yet been named.

Class A drug ketamine is a horse tranquillizer sometimes taken recreationally, which acts as an hallucinogen and can provide a dissociative state known colloquially as a ‘k-hole’ which leaves the person in an out-of-body experience.

Shocking to hear that such careless behavior comes from middle aged men who are expected to be far more mature in such circumstances. Drug overdose is becoming an increasingly menacing issue and organizers need to step up and ensure steps are taken to reduce this increasingly growing debacle.

IT’S HIGH TIME. (kindly excuse the notorious pun)