Ghostwire: Tokyo is a mind-bending horror game developed by Japanese game production house tango frameworks, the game was initially developed by Ikumi Nakamura who later on left the studio whilst the game was a work in progress and the creative head position was then taken over by Kenji kumara which further on led to delays in the release of the game from October 2021 to early 2022.

Sony productions on the CES summit announced that the games’ released date has been pushed up to early 2022. Fans have been very excited to see the return of this sensational horror game. With the first part being “The evil within”. Horror games have always been a niche part of the gaming industry with a very limited but efficient demographic of gamers interested in this category of gaming.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person action-horror game where the player encounters an arrangement of demented supernatural beings throughout Tokyo. It has a very intense combat orientation to a survival horror experience like The Evil Within. Players will be in battle with ghastly beings utilizing an assortment of unique-looking spells and abilities.

Ghostwire: Tokyo’s announcement trailer has set the expectations pretty high for a high graphic intense horror game. It begins with an overhead view of a vibrant Tokyo, revealing lots of people rushing into a subway station, texting on their phones,  making way through narrow paths in the city. Suddenly, the camera shifts for a moment, and people begin to disappear. What happens next? stay tuned!