It’s all a money making scam, basically.

Former Ticketmaster CEO and current Twitter VP Nathan Hubbard recently revealed the dark secrets of the ticketing industry. In his article, that was published on The Ringerhe talks about how while thousands of fans are scrambling to get their hands on their favourite festival, concert or game tickets, resellers and brokers manage to swoop in and snatch them all.

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This can be attributed to small pieces of code A.K.A. “Bots” that not only buy the tickets instantaneously but also put them up for sale with a multiplier on the face value on another site. They reserve the best seats or tickets first allowing the re-sellers the option to buy them or not. The Bots can also bypass the CAPTCHAs that we find so annoying by employing real time helpers overseas who decipher the warped alphabets and numbers.

Hubbard explained that it was difficult to prevent this as the Bots used brute force to constantly attempt purchases from the sites, eventually succeeding. Though it is not the only reason, it is one of the major cause often preventing you from buying passes online.

We hope online ticket sellers come up with something to combat this soon so we can finally be rid of the hassles!